10 experiences you should know in Halong


In Halong, visitors can experience many interesting activities such as watching the wonder right outside the window, visiting Cua Van fishing village, participating in kayaking, enjoy the European-Asian meals of international standards.

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With thousands of islands created by the creativity, Halong Bay the world natural heritage has always been praised by the international media as “Top 10 most beautiful cruise destinations in the world” (VirtualTourist), “Top 10 most romantic destinations in the world 2014” (NationalGeographic). Come to Halong city, you will be surprised with many new experiences of the heritage land.

Admire Halong Bay outside the window

Not in the traditional way of hour wooden boats, the yachts in Halong usually follow the schedule, allowing them to spend the night in the cabins as the ship enters the bay of thousand islands. By the window, you can look at the rocks, islets bearing a certain meaning as the Trong Mai islet looking like two chickens cuddling each other; the far away is the Canh Buom islet as a sail-shape on the waves to the vast sea.

Visit Cua Van – one of the most beautiful villages in the world

The first activity of the cruises is usually to visit Cua Van fishing village. Easy to meet the criteria of ancient charming beauty and traditional culture, Cua Van fishing village entered the top 16 most beautiful villages in the world (Journeyetc). In the midst of magnificent natural scenery, Cua Van is wonderful with small cobbled roads, simple houses fluttering on the water and brilliantly painted roofs.

Cua Van fishing village via Ha Long Tourism

Join kayaking activity

Active and exciting activity in the Halong cruise tour is the guests can freely kayak in the clear blue waters of the thousand island bay. Each kayak has two paddlers, and you just need to master paddles, so you can easily slip through the unnamed islands, feeling more than the magic of the thousand-year-old caves.

Wait the sunset on the bay

The top floor or sundeck of the yacht has beautiful space. Standing here, the sunset scene on Halong Bay is very close and charming. You are about to touch the “ball of fire” hiding on the horizon; as if embraced by the warmth of the sun and feeling the freshness of nature.

Enjoy international standard European-Asian meals

A cruise program usually includes a wide variety of dishes, from 3 regional cuisine of Vietnam to buffets or fresh seafood BBQ suitable for Vietnamese taste. It is interesting that you just enjoy the European – Asian dishes processed by the chef on the boat, and watch the rocky mountains in jade green water.

Experience double decker cable car

Cable car across the sea is one of the latest experiences in Halong. Just opened in mid-July 2016, the cable car named Queen has quickly received the eagerness of many visitors by its records. This is the world’s largest cable car with 230 passengers and the world’s tallest cable-stayed bridge over 188 m.

Queen cable car via Apro Travel

Designed as a popular double decker bus in England and some other European countries, the cable cabin will take you gliding gently across the sea, looking at the limestone mountains and scattered boats below. Since there are only 2 passenger transportation cabins between Bai Chay and Hon Gai, visitors usually have to wait 10-15 minutes. Inside there are few seats, however, standing to admire Halong Bay from above will give you better views.

Visit the wax museum

Not the first wax museum in Vietnam, but the wax exhibit in Halong has the largest scale in the country. You can only visit the museum after experience Queen cable car, the entrance price is 100,000 VND. Here, you can take pictures with idols from movie stars, powerful politicians to famous scientists and athletes. All are shaped like real life and real details such as skin, hair, eyelashes, costumes, expressions …

Overnight on a yacht

This is one of the must try experiences for foreign visitors to Halong. Although you may have spent many hours on the yacht to wander the waters of the bay, it would not be like a night in the heart of the world’s natural heritage.

Impression begins with the moment you relax your body on the deck to watch the sunset fading away after the rocky mountains. In the private space but no less romantic, you are relaxed with the fresh air, calm with the cool breeze of the sea around. Early in the morning, just open the window, the picture of nature will cover your sight.

Halong seaplane via Hai Au Aviation

Fly with a seaplane

With the cost of up to several million VND for a 25-minute flight on Halong Bay, flying by seaplane is considered to be a thrilling experience for many travelers. However, when you enjoy the feeling on mid-air, falling into the eyes of the islands hidden under the blue water, you will know the money is not wasted.

To save and explore the destinations in Halong Bay, you should choose an only sightseeing flight instead of the whole trip from Hanoi. The starting point is Tuan Chau wharf, departing at 10:45 and 14:00 daily.

Dine in a cave

Party in caves is only available if booked and limited. Not only creating privacy, these parties also impress the visitor thanks to romantic space with candlelight. Compared to dinners on the boat or in the restaurant, dinners in a cave seem more splendid thanks to the resonance of the stalactites in the cave. Enjoy Asian-European dishes, listen to lyrical music, you can hardly find any romantic space like that.

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