10 specialties in Quang Ninh attracting tourists


Traveling is not just about sightseeing, enjoying the scenery but also the chance to discover the food there. Here are the dishes you should not miss when the opportunity to the coastal land of Quang Ninh.

>>  Must-try dishes in Quang Ninh

Grilled chopped squid

The fresh squid caught in the sea of ​​Halong is cleaned and then grinded, shape hand crafted, creating crisp characteristic and delicious taste. Fried grilled chopped squid has golden color, crunchy inside, served with white sticky rice, rolling rice cake or separate with pure fish sauce. Grilled chopped squid is usually offered as gifts at a price of 350,000-450,000 VND / kg.

Sá sùng (Peanut-worm)

Sá sùng are molluscs that live in coastal sandy areas, quite rare, often found on Quan Lan Island (Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province). Not only be food this creature is also a medicine, processing in a complex way. Dried sá sùng become an expensive seafood with prices up to millions of VND per kg.

Spicy roasted sá sùng with chili sauce, fresh sá sùng stir with piper lolot leaves, grilled sá sùng with lemon and banana corn, dried peanut drop into the pot of stewed porridge or noodles bring the natural sweet taste from the sea.

Sam via Vietnam World Heritages

Sam (Horseshoe crab)

Sam in Quang Yen is used for flexible processing into delicious dishes suitable for many people: fried sam, fried egg sam with piper lolot leaves, sweet and sour sam stir, grilled sam,…

Catching and processing sam are very elaborate, so not many restaurants serve dishes of sam. If you do not have the opportunity to visit Quang Yen, you can visit the restaurant on April 25th street, Halong City to enjoy the sea sam.

The shell is also used to make souvenirs, both beautiful and has the effect of preventing cold.

Gật gù rice cake (Nodding rice cake)

Gật gù rice cake is a specialty of Tien Yen, coated on the steamer and rolled up as rolling rice cake. Many people commented that Gật gù rice cake is noodle-like, but the difference is that while grinding flour, they add cold rice to create softness and toughness. The cakes make each one nod and praise, especially when eating with khâu nhục (stewed meat). Sauce is made from fish sauce and chicken fat, adding minced meat, fresh peppers, fried onions.

This type of cake is popular in Quang Ninh, however the most ordered address is Mrs. Tuyet’s house, No. 32 Hoa Binh street, Tien Yen town.

Tien Yen hill chicken via Ke chuyen du lich bon phuong

Tien Yen hill chicken

Tien Yen hill chicken brand has long been famous thanks to the method of raising chickens. Chickens must run away to eat so the meat is very toned, sweet and fragrant by loading the body of natural foods.

Boiled chicken is the simplest way of cooking, but it highlights the natural flavor. The glossy yellow chicken skin looks quite fat but actually crisp and sweet.

Cà sáy

The unique name is enough to intrigue visitors. This is a hybrid poultry between mulard and duck, the meat does not dry as mulard nor too soft as duck.

Boiled cà sáy is present in many restaurants, not only attractive in each piece of meat but also impressed by the unique sauce from fish sauce, fresh ginger.

Ruốc lỗ (Octopus dollfusi)

Ruốc lỗ is a type of octopus but small in size, people have to go to the holes or use cage to catch. People also call this a long legged ruốc because of the outstanding length of the tentacles compared to the tiny head.

Boiled ruốc with guava leaves, tamarind leaves with shrimp sauce, with ming aralia and apricot leaves. This is a very popular side dish in wine party. Season starts from July to October of lunar calendar.

Mud clam alcohol via Amthuc365.vn

Mud clam

Mud clam is also a popular seafood in restaurants in Quang Ninh, famous for steamed dishes, grilled mud clam, porridge with mud clam, mud clam salad. In addition to the sweet fatty meat, mud clam water is also very nutritious, so people often tightly tie to avoid dehydration while steaming.

Mud clam alcohol is a unique appetizer with light red color. It has pungent sweet taste at the tip of the tongue.

Nem chạo

Nem chạo is also known as nem thính, the main ingredient is made from pork skin threads and grinded roasted rice. Pick up a few threads of pork skin with fig leaves, perilla, crested latesummer mint in a thin rice paper and sweetened sour dipping sauce, this rustic dish with nem chua become specialty of the land Quang Yen that every visitor wants to buy as a gift.

Seafood noodles

Recently, seafood noodles are quite popular in restaurants in Hanoi. However, when eating in Halong, you will definitely feel different. Seafood noodles in Halong are very suitable for breakfast. A bowl of rice noodles is about 40,000 VND including shrimp, crab, mantis shrimp, fish balls, and vegetables. Seafood noodles with odiferous herb are mixed in harmony between the sweetness of broth and the cool taste of herb. To Halong, you can easily find seafood restaurants. Some famous places for fresh and delicious seafood noodles are Hai Van Restaurant at the beginning of the road to the North East Company, seafood noodles at the White Bridge – Ha Tu.

Mussel porridge via Bao phu nu

Mussel porridge

Mussel porridge is a very popular dish, the porridge in Halong is cooked with sea mussels so it will taste quite different from the mussel porridge in Hanoi, it is the freshwater mussels living in the river. Mussel porridge with green onion, chopped sawleaf, dried onions is a perfect breakfast. The location of delicious mussel porridge that you should visit is in Halong 1 market. From the street, at the building bank of Vietcombank, it is the first restaurant on the left. It also sells patiso (pillow cake) very delicious. In the market of Halong 2 snack area also has a row of delicious mussel porridge, which has been selling for quite a long time. The price of each bowl of porridge is about 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Stir fried snails

Certainly to Halong you can not ignore the snail dishes. Stir fried snail is popular snack with local people, the price is cheap, only about 35,000 VND per plate depending on type. You should go to the sidewalk, you will feel more comfortable and the dishes are more delicious with the traditional processing. Fried snails with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind, coconut … are very delicious and easy addictive. In Halong there are many types of snails for you to choose.

You can refer to the following locations: on the old Quang Ninh Museum street (on Nguyen Van Cu Street), there are two restaurants very crowded with good quality, mainly sold to students so price is relatively cheap. On Van Lang pavement, this snail shop is delicious but the price is slightly higher than the common ground. Most of shops in Halong serve boiled, fried and grilled snails. In addition, if you want to eat oysters you can also enjoy at these addresses.

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