3 reasons to visit Bai Chay in your summer vacation


Bai Chay – Halong has become a favorite destination of domestic and foreign tourists in recent years. Bai Chay is a coastal beach where fishermen usually burn fire to expel barnacles so that they do not stick to damage the boat, the smoke from that action appears year round in the yard that creates the name Bai Chay. It is said that Bai Chay is the place where the boat of the Mongolian invaders were attacked by the Tran general and the Viet people. Their boats were burned, washed ashore, leading to burn the dry forest, from which the name Bai Chay was born.

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With families with great love for the sea but never set foot on Bai Chay, the following reasons will help you no longer hesitate for a trip in Bai Chay.

1. Interesting places to visit

Come to Bai Chay Tourist Center in Halong Bay, your family will have great choices of places to visit such as Bai Chay Beach, Halong Night Market, Bai Chay Bridge.

First place that can not be missed when visiting Halong is Bai Chay beach. With a prime location on the shores of Halong Bay, Bai Chay Beach is sure to please you. Bai Chay is an artificial beach but it is wide and beautiful in nature, so it has attracted many tourists in the country and internationally. Especially, for those who are interested in sunbathing or sand playing, Bai Chay is an ideal place: the sand shore here is more than 500 m long and 100 m wide.

Bai Chay beach via Joytripvn.com

On the edge of the bay, the deep green of the casuarina ranges on the white long sand shore creates a sense of peace, relax in a gentle way. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine on the bay or walk along the sandy beach while the kids love sand playfully. This is the perfect place to bond love and family.

Another important place when visiting Bai Chay tourist area is Halong night market. Here, visitors can enjoy the selections of typical souvenirs of the bay as wind chimes from shells, gulf paintings and especially coal art. The market starts at sunset, when the sun is down and the bay lights are on.

Walking in the market with the whole family will certainly bring joy to your family members. Surely the parents, mothers and children will find their own favorite items. This is where your family can buy souvenirs for relatives and friends, from unique souvenirs to dry specialties. Let’s share the taste of Bai Chay – Halong for the loves.

The next place is Bai Chay bridge, where you can throw away all worries, chaos of life. The cable bridge Bai Chay stands there sparkling and demonstrating the development of Halong Bay. The bridge is 1,106 m long with 5 spans connecting Hon Gai and Bai Chay – two parts of Halong City through Cua Luc River. The bridge is the pride of Halong people in general and Bai Chay people in particular. The bridge was built with a reinforced concrete girder box having the spanning with the world record for the one flat type of this cable stayed bridge. The bridge is constructed with balanced cantilever technology, at the main pier at the height of 50 m, bridge girders are reaching the sea and ends when connecting the two wings, this construction technology ensures the ships still work well during construction. The bridge is 25.3 m wide, divided into 4 lanes motorized vehicles and 2 lanes for rudimentary vehicles.

What is more peaceful than wandering with the family on the bridge with the bay wind? Surely then all the burden, worry, pressure from everyday life will be blown away, only the happiness left in the moment devoted to the family love.

Grilled chopped squid via LOZI.vn

2. Delicious sea specialties

Coming to the sea land, it is sure that everyone is eager for fresh seafood. From shrimp, crabs, fish, to mantis shrimp, clams, shellfish, sam, all types are processed into many tasty dishes. However mentioning Bai Chay – Halong you can not ignore the famous specialty of squid. Grilled chopped squid is not only in Bai Chay or Halong, but the squid pieces are hand-refilled to achieve toughness and crisp standard, when fried up, yellow color and the fragrant may be only in this bay.

Beside that, not only the specialty of Bai Chay but the characteristic delicacies of the surrounding areas in Halong are also available extremely diverse. These include peanut-worm, roll cake, etc.

To enjoy the delicious dishes in Bai Chay, do not just visit the restaurants but go to Halong Night Market. Here your family will enjoy the delicious food in a wild and very interesting way. Fresh seafood products are sold all over the place, visitors can even enjoy on the spot. Let the family gather together to enjoy the specialties of the bay, although processing is not fancy, but full of flavors.

3. Diversified and Caring Services

With the advantage of location on the shore of Halong Bay, Bai Chay serves as a center of accommodation and coastal services, growing on an international scale. Technical infrastructure, tourism services are invested, exploited effectively to meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign tourists.

In ​​the ward, there are 322 tourist accommodation establishments and over 400 tourist cruise ships. Bai Chay Tourist Area is planned as the most beautiful tourist area in Halong City. With a large number of high quality restaurants, surely your family’s culinary needs will be pleased. There are also activities to demonstrate traditional values ​​such as water puppet show and folk music. Besides, Bai Chay also integrates the new trend, develops potential with services for young people like surfing and motorcycling on the sea.

With all services to meet the needs of children to parents, the holiday in Bai Chay – Halong is sure to be a perfect gift for families and relatives. For more information about essential tips in Halong, please visit our website.