4 Special Festivals of Quang Ninh Tourism


Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival, Yen Tu Festival, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival and Ba Che Yellow Flower Tea Festival are 4 special festivals that attract thousand visitors to Quang Ninh each year.

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Yen Tu Festival

Not only be the large festival in Quang Ninh, Yen Tu Festival is considered one of the largest festivals in the country in the spring. Starting on the 10th of January and lasting 3 months of spring every year, the Yen Tu Festival is regarded by many visitors as a pilgrimage to the land of the Buddha.

Yen Tu Festival is open solemnly with many traditional activities such as rituals of communion, opening ceremony, the bell; first year blessing, incense giving; Yen Tu sacred seal ceremony. Then there will be a pilgrimage of thousands of people to the Dong Pagoda on the top of the mountain.

Every year of Yen Tu Festival, millions of visitors gather to participate in the festival. The year 2017 is also considered as Quang Ninh year with many positive changes in the festival organizing: parking area is expanded up to 12.1 hectares, listing car prices, arranging tram service, offering additional package transportation services including tram and cable car service.

Cleaning and sanitation activities in the area are also focused on more than 40 employees involved in cleaning the entire pilgrimage route; strengthening the patrol, ensuring the safety of people and property for tourists, minimizing the large differences on exchange of money or selling goods to tourists with high prices.

Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival via Nguyen Dung

Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival

Despite starting from 2015, Binh Lieu flower festival has become an attractive event for tourists in Quang Ninh with many special activities.

The camellia oleifera belongs to tea plantation, local people plant to extract oil seeds. In addition to the opportunity to admire the beautiful and rustic beauty of this flower, visitors also experience a variety of activities: sports competitions, folk games, singing contest, youth camp …

In 2017 Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival takes place from 15th to 17th December and welcomes about 10,000 visitors to the festival. Binh Lieu Flower Festival is looking forward to become a “specialty” for tourism in Quang Ninh and is also expected to be an opportunity for businesses in and outside the province to explore and cooperate to build tourism products in Binh Lieu.

Halong Cherry Blossom Festival

Taking place from March, April each year, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival brings local people as well as visitors to experience the lively moments in the Hanami Festival of the cherry blossom country, Japan.

The festival re-imagines the traditional cultural space and beautiful scenery of Japan through the blooming cherry blossoms. In particular, the festival also brings visitors brilliant colors of apricot blossom of the spring in the South, creating a vibrant spring space among the beautiful city on the coast of heritage land. Organized for the first time in 2013, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival has become a special cultural event, attracting many local people as well as tourists looking forward to.

Yellow flower tea via Vngo

Ba Che Yellow Flower Tea Festival

With brilliant yellow color, Ba Che yellow flower tea often blossom in late November early December lunar month. This rare medicinal plant is opening up to Ba Che a new opportunity for economic development and tourism.

It is a natural tree growing in the forest of Ba Che for a long time, local people still gather flowers, leaves, trunks for sale traders across the border. In recent years, the real value of the yellow flower tea is known. This plant can collect leaves, buds and flowers with economic value up to 15 million VND / kg.

In order to protect the source of medicinal herbs and help people improve their income, Ba Che has completed the plan of growing 500 ha yellow flower tea trees. When it is planted largely, the splendor of yellow flower tea has attracted many tourists to the charming land of Northeast Quang Ninh. To promote this unique tea, the People’s Committee of Ba Che organized the Yellow Flower Tea Festival.

This festival will take place from 5th -7th January 2018 at 4th October Square, Ba Che town center. Coming to the festival, visitors can not only enjoy the splendor of 170 Yellow Flower Tea Trees in the main season, taste the new tea but also enjoy the special art program “Brilliant Yellow Flower Tea”. Guests also participate in the festival of folk games, cooking rice, baking, embroidery, traditional costume; traditional weaving tools; folk dance, …

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