8 best beaches in Quang Ninh province


In this summer, sea travel will be the ideal choice for visitors in Vietnam. Quang Ninh provice is a good place to visit, you can both enjoy the beauty of Halong bay and avoid the hot weather of North Vietnam. These are 8 beaches you should not miss when coming to Quang Ninh province this summer.

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Quan Lan beach – Van Don

Quan Lan beach

Quan Lan beach is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, this is a beautiful beach because of its epic wild charater. This beach is surely th ideal destinations for traveling in summer. With the long white beach, big waves and the pure air, Quan Lan always attracts many tourists, bring them a lot of interesting experiences, especially with the tourists who love swimming and camping.

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Bai Dai beach – Van Don

Bai Dai beach

Being one of the most beautiful beaches of North Vietnam, Bai Dai attracts tourists by its wild and poetic features which you cannot see in any other beach. Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, this beach is nearly 2 km long with the gently white seaside and the clear water which can see through to the bottom.

Come to Bai Dai, you can have the chance to mix with the silent space of the resorts with the systems of seaside, restaurants, hotels, etc. Besides, to serve the entertaining demand of tourists, the resorts in Bai Dai beach have operated many kinds of sea sports, such as: beach volleyball, kayak, etc.

Van Chay beach – Co To

Van Chay beach

This is one of the best beach in Co To island. Van Chay beach is 6 km from the center of Co To town, this beach is now the main destination for many tourists on this beautiful island.

With the long white beach and big waves, Van Chay is suitable for the water sports, beach volleyball, etc. You can camp overnight; this will be the great experiences for your summer. After doing the eventful activities from morning to evening, you can lie on the beach, drink the coconut milk and watch the sunset which will give you the feelings of peace and relax.

Hong Van beach – Co To

Hong Van beach

Just 7 km from the center of Co To town, Hong Van with the long and waveless beach is becoming an attractive destination for tourists when traveling Co To town.

Hong Van beach is located in the east of Co To island, with the peaceful water because Thanh Lan island prevent the wind from the sea. Beside the beach is the virgin forest with many valuable and rare trees, this will be your attractive destination for all tourists.

In the evening, you can enjoy the seafood party with the price from 350 thousand VND per person. You can eat the fresh squid, lobster or fish in the sound of wave surfing and under the sparkling light of the storm lantern.

Bai Chay beach – Halong

Bai Chay beach

This is a wide and beautiful artificial beach in Halong Bay with the white sands. Bai Chay beach is the interesting choice for your Quang Ninh travel.

The gradient of this beach is not over 10 degrees. Around the beach, there are many green trees and tents creating the lively scenes. Especially, the services cost not much in comparison with others in Halong area.

Tuan Chau beach – Halong

Tuan Chau beach

This is a beach in Halong bay. Tuan Chau beach attracts domestic and foreign tourists at weekend. This beach is quite clean; it is suitable for team activities. The waves are not so formidable, so it is very safe for both adult and children.

Tra Co beach – Mong Cai

Tra Co beach

Tra Co beach is 15 km long, from Sa Vi cape to Pearl mountain, which creates an arc. Tra Co is one of the longest beach of Vietnam and named the “best lyrical beach of Vietnam”. Because this beach is far from the noisy city, Tra Co has the silent space, cool climate. There are very few stalls in Tra Co beach, so if you want to enjoy the fresh seafood, you should buy on the coast when the fishermen return.

Ti Top beach – Halong Bay

Ti Top beach

Ti Top beach belongs to Ti Top island inside Halong Bay, 7-8 km Southeast from Bai Chay. From the high point of this island, Ti Top beach has the shape of crescent moon. This beach is not so large, but it is very clean because the tide helps to absolve it.

Quang Ninh has so many favorite beaches which will attract all tourists coming here. There are many other beaches not listed in this article. You should try visiting on your own.