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3 beautiful attractions in Quang Ninh

3 beautiful attractions in Quang Ninh
UPDATED: 05 Jan 2018 12 Views

Referring to Quang Ninh, you will immediately think about famous Halong Bay or beautiful Co To island. These are extremely popular tourist destinations and a major factor for the development of the tourism industry in Quang Ninh. However, there are many other tourist attractions in Quang Ninh that you should not miss, and these are three of them.

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Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung Island attracts visitors by the pristine beauty and beautiful beaches. In recent years, Ngoc Vung Island has become the favorite destination of many tourists. Owning a beach of 14 km long, including 3 km of pure white sand, the island brings pleasure to tourists.

While neighboring islands such as Co To and Quan Lan have been developing tourism for some years, the name Ngoc Vung is still relatively unknown. Sparsely populated, small towns and homestays are less, the island is suitable for young travelers who prefer to explore, prefer camping than hotels or resorts. The unspoiled island with its only road along the coast, the only means of transportation is the three-wheeled taxi.

Ngoc Vung island via Du lich Ha Long

The sea shore stretching for nearly 3 km, wild and deserted is the island's most attractive feature. The blue water, the long sandy beach and the waves make young people to the island eager. Feeling the bare feet on the clean, gentle sand, away from the shore, the waves are still just across the chest. The beach curves like a piece of crescent moon with casuarina ranges shaking in the sea wind. If you are tired of the waves, take a leisurely walk on the soft sandy beach, pick up a myriad of captivating snails and build the castles with graceful snails.

Ngoc Vung is like a miniature Quang Ninh when there are enough mountains, rivers, seas, ports, plains. At this beautiful tourist site in Quang Ninh, agriculture is quite developed with the cultivation of rice or fruit trees. Another attraction of this island is the casuarina ranges along the land. Going between two casuarina coastlines, listening to the winds rustling through, you will feel your soul settling.

The night on Ngoc Vung Island is quiet, there are no modern audio-visual equipment, no internet. Only the moon, sea waves and frogs echoes. Occasional flashes of fireflies sparkling spaces. Days on the island are peace and simplicity. From Van Don every morning at 7 am, there are ships coming to the island or from Cam Pha wharf at 1 pm.

Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu is probably quite strange to many people, but with the adventure seekers, this is the travel spot that can not be ignored because it captivates people. The roads, the sceneries attract people who love adventure.

Binh Lieu is located 100 km northeast of Halong City, a mountainous district near the border. Travellers dub this land “Little Sapa” because here you will be living in the cultural space of ethnic minority people, watching the mountain forest vast as the atmosphere of Sapa. Binh Lieu in each season has a different beauty. Spring is the season of pure white camellia oleifera flowers. Summer and autumn are the throne of the majestic waterfalls and terraces covered with yellow rice, many other interesting things. Winter may have snowfall.

Binh Lieu via Viettravelo

Binh Lieu opens a beautiful space with terraced fields, green patches scattering the scent of jungle, anise, cinnamon, old fashioned houses with peaceful rhythm of life. Each season, there is an interesting point to attract tourists. For example, in the spring, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in special festivals such as Luc Na Temple Festival, Soong Co singing festival, the day of "wind abstinence". Summer and autumn, the waterfalls are torrential while the green terraces cover the sight. At the end of the year, there are the harvest season and the occasion of camellia oleifera flowers and new rice festival.

Come here, you can also try feeling hunting clouds on Mount Cao Ly, conquering the peak of Quang Nam Chau, Cao Xiem or visiting Luc Na temple worshiping the tutelary god and revolutionary heroes and admiring the ancient bold house with 5 rooms, brick walls, yin and yang roof tiles.

In addition, from the town of Binh Lieu, asking the road to Huc Dong commune to Khe Van Waterfall, you will be looking at three beautiful cascades, the dating spot of San Chi boys and girls.

Dragon Eye (Bai Dong Island)

Dragon Eye is still a desert island. However, this is a wild and new tourist destination, with its own very unique and attractive charms. Dragon Eye Island is the folk name of Bai Dong island located in the southern part of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh. The place is still intact wild.

The most unique and attractive site is the beautiful green lake between the rocky mountains and dense jungle. The flora here is very rich shading on water surface as jade.

Immerse yourself in cool water, camping, partying at this beautiful tourist spot in Quang Ninh, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. Remember to bring everything yourself, as said, here is the desert island, it does not have any services and clean up when you leave.

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