Essence of the North 9 days
Essence of the North 9 days

5 famous spiritual hotspots in Quang Ninh

5 famous spiritual hotspots in Quang Ninh
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Besides Yen Tu, Cua Ong Temple and Cai Bau Pagoda are also attractions for pilgrimage in the North East.

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1. Yen Tu Complex

The first and not to be missed spot in the spring tour is the complex of Yen Tu, Uong Bi city that is about 130 km from Hanoi. From National Highway 18A to the foothill of Yen Tu (about 10 km), visitors can feel the sacred and quiet atmosphere of the Truc Lam Zen Buddhism.

From the foot of the mountain, visitors come to the top of Dong pagoda by two ways: climbing or 2-way cable car. Compared with the cable car, climbing takes more time with a distance of about 6 km of steep trails but with many visitors, this is a way of showing respect in the Buddhist ceremony early in the new year.

Whatever your choice, visitors will also start from the Giai Oan Stream, through Hoa Yen Pagoda, Mot Mai Pagoda, An Ky Sinh stone statue and Dong Pagoda, the largest bronze pagoda on the top of mountain in Asia. Standing on the top of 1,068 m, looking down at the Buddha land as if the mist was hidden beneath the feet and the white clouds drifting across the deep blue sky.

2. Cai Bau Pagoda

Although newly opened in 2009, with the back on the mountain, facing the sea, Giac Tam Truc Lam Zen Monastery (also known as Cai Bau pagoda) in Van Don attracts crowds of visitors in the spring tour of the northeast.

Cai Bau pagoda via Bao Quang Ninh

Located near Bai Dai tourist are, the space here is not only peaceful, sacred but also extremely pure and fresh. Interspersed between the pagoda bell sounds and the chanting is the sound of the waves in the sea away, making people feel calm and relief.

Especially, tourists coming to worship, visit the temple also can enjoy vegetarian food and free car park. The pagoda is about 10 km from the center of Cai Rong town, Van Don. Besides private means, visitors can visit the temple by bus.

3. Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong Temple in Cam Pha city is the place worshiping Hung Nhuong Great King Tran Quoc Tang and many famous people in the Tran Dynasty. Although the main Cua Ong temple festival takes place in February of lunar calendar, from the first days of Tet, this place has gathered a lot of visitors from other provinces to participate in the incense ceremony.

Like Cai Bau Pagoda, Cua Ong Temple is located on a high hill overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay. Only difference is that from here, besides the vast sea, tourists can see panoramic view of the industrial city of black gold. Not only offering incense in the two architectural clusters are Thuong Temple and Ha Temple, visitors also enjoy specialties that are sold along the entrance to the temple. The most famous is Tày nồng ệp cake.

4. Loi Am Pagoda

The name is quite strange to visitors from other regions, but with the people of Quang Ninh, Loi Am Pagoda is famous for its charming, sacred and ancient scenery. Located in Dai Yen Ward, Halong City, visitors come to the pagoda by boat for about 15 minutes and then continue to climb about half an hour on a gentle slope.

Loi Am pagoda via Mytour

A unique feature when pilgrimaging Loi Am pagoda is a traveler with his own sincerity can bring some red bricks placed under the foothills to contribute on the restoration, the rebuilding of the pagoda. Despite the bumpy rocky trail, everyone feels lighthearted on each step because two road sides are the green pine forests and vast pineapple gardens.

The pilgrimage will start at Loi Am pagoda located on a large, flat area, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. Following the small road on the right side of the pagoda will lead to the Mẫu (Mother Goddess) worshiping pagoda, going over the slope is Hang Cau facing to the Yen Lap lake.

5. Long Tien Pagoda

Located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain, Long Tien Pagoda is the most famous spiritual destination in Halong. During the festival in Quang Ninh, people call Long Tien pagoda as the Trinh pagoda, because everyone wants to go to Long Tien pagoda before continuing to pilgrimage to Yen Tu, Cua Ong temple festival.

Built in 1941, the pagoda features the architectural style and sculpture of the Nguyen Dynasty with decorations of dragon, phoenix, and stylized patterns. Entering the gate of the three-door is a large yard of the Goddess of Mercy statue. The main shrine worships the Buddha, the right to worship the generals of the Tran, left is the Tam Phu Holy Mother Temple.

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