Essence of the North 9 days
Essence of the North 9 days

Beautiful flower seasons in Quang Ninh

Beautiful flower seasons in Quang Ninh
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Quang Ninh is a popular tourism land of the north not only by the world natural wonder Halong Bay, beautiful landscapes but also by traditional and cultural characteristics. Coming to Quang Ninh this time, you can extremely immerse in colorful flower festivals that only happen in this land.

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In December, white sky of camellia oleifera flowers



In the cold of northeastern land, the camellia oleifera flowers blossom white in the sky of Binh Lieu, inviting the boys and girls singing together Then songs, singing Soong Co, singing San Co

Being the traditional industrial plant of Binh Lieu land, for decades, the camellia oleifera flowers bloom quietly in the forest. And only the sudden visitors stopping can see and enjoy in pure white color among the flower forest.

Only few years ago, from a decision of the People's Committee of Binh Lieu district, a production season has turned into a festival of a region. Looking back on the old season, the long-distance guests promise themselves that this year they would be the first ones to save the most beautiful moments of the camellia oleifera season. And the far away children of the hometown look back to Binh Lieu and promise: the flowers blooming will be the return.

In 2017, the flower festival took place from 15th -17th December in Dong Long village, Dong Tam commune, Binh Lieu district. In the midst of green forests and white flowers, Quang Ninh people do not forget to bring the unique products made by human hands: nodding rice pancake, “cooc mo” cake, ginger steamed sticky rice, five colored steamed sticky rice, local wine ...

Flower festival in Quang Ninh

Flower festival in Quang Ninh

Thanks to the camellia oleifera flowers, the local products, the folk culture suddenly appears in front of eyes of visitors. Arriving in Binh Lieu in camellia oleifera season, visitors seek for flowers and local people and local authorities find a breakthrough.

From camellia oleifera forest, Binh Lieu wants to build tourism brand associated with the highlight of the wild natural scenery. At the same local people participate in tourism activities to promote the cultural characteristics and traditions of many ethnic groups.

If the flower festival in 2015 was only at the scale of the commune and attracted about 1,500 visitors, the camellia oleifera flower festival of 2016 has attracted about 6,000 visitors and this year the number is expected to increase even more. The revenue from the festival will not stop at 1 billion VND but forecasted higher.

The annual camellia oleifera flower festival is a small part of the master plan for tourism development in Binh Lieu district until 2020, orientation to 2030.

The objectives of the master plan will be to develop Binh Lieu tourism into an economic sector that plays an important role in the economic structure of the district. At the same time, green tourism development is closely linked with economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, services and trade. Binh Lieu will become a center for ecotourism, culture and relaxation in the mountainous areas of Quang Ninh.

Yellow flower tea - 'Gold mine' of medicine in Quang Ninh province

In recent years, thanks to the new findings on medicinal value, Ba Che yellow flower tea has become a specialty to be sought with the price of up to 15 million VND per kilogram of dried flowers.

Previously, the yellow flower tea is a wild flower only collected leaves, buds, flowers by local people for home use or selling to Chinese traders with cheap price. Only thanks to the newly published research, the real value of yellow flower tea trees are popular to people.

Yellow flower tea

Yellow flower tea

According to the scientists, yellow flower tea belongs to angiosperm, double-sprout plant, a kind of ornamental plants - rare medicine in the world. "Camellia International Journal", journal of the study of yellow tea said that the compounds of yellow flower tea have the ability to control the growth of tumors to 33.8%; help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood by 35%. In addition, this type of tea can also reduce the symptoms of atherosclerosis by fatty blood vessels, regulate blood pressure and treat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors.

Determining that the introduction of tea trees into the production is the right direction, both protecting the source of precious medicinal herbs and creating resources to increase income, creating jobs for local people to reduce poverty, Ba Che district has planned to plant 500 hectares of this medicinal plant. Up to now, the district has planted 70 hectares of yellow flower tea, of which 10 hectares have been harvested.

Yellow flower tea has dark yellow color, aromatic smell of flowers and bitter taste. This type of tea helps to sleep well, regulates blood pressure preferred by local people. Currently, the yellow flower tea is used mainly in the market in the province, Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

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