Attractive charms of Co To Island


Co To travel has become a wise choice for many young people to enjoy, or families needing a restful space. Here are all information about attractions and activities tourists can experience in this beautiful island.

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Interesting attractions

Love Road

The road with shady trees is a very romantic place for couples to walk along the sea. This is also a place for entertainment, holding barbecues on the island.

Co To Church

The first church was built on Co To Island, and inaugurated on 28th May, 2013. The church is gradually attracting tourists to visit.

Cau My rock reef

Located in the south of Co To Island, about 3 km from the center, Cau My has the most beautiful rock system on Co To Island. It’s a great place to look for the perfect photos and it’s great to have a unique wedding photo album. This is the place receiving first lights of the sun.

Cau My via Flickr

Uncle Ho statue

Located in the heart of Co To town, right next to the Love road, this is the only monument of Uncle Ho to build after the visit of Uncle to Co To in 9th May, 1961. On the occasion of the festivals, or the weekends, this is the place to organize cultural performances to serve the people on the island and tourists.

Co To Lighthouse  

It is one of over 30 “night eyes” operating across Vietnam’s territorial sea. Located at an altitude of 101m, the lighthouse was put into operation in 1961.

Love Beach

Located in the center of town, right next to the Love road and Uncle Ho statue, this place is suitable for BBQ parties and evening entertainment activities.

Van Chay beach

About 6 km from the town center, Van Chay is one of the most beautiful beaches of Co To Island, with long, smooth sand and large waves. The beach is suitable for playing beach sports games, wave playing, wave surfing.

Van Chay beach via Vietnam Visa Easy

Hong Van beach

The beach has wonderful natural beauty, pristine white sand as smooth as velvet. Especially in the late afternoon, the beach turns pink as the name implies.

Bac Van port

The place is able to watch the blue sea, look at each stone below the sea, this is also the pier to Small Co To island.

Thanh Lan Island

The largest island in the Co To Islands, the hidden beauty to explore: C6 beach, Tam Chau, Navy.

Small Co To Island

Owning the most beautiful beach in Co To with primeval forest, the island contains many rare animals, in the sea contains many beautiful coral reefs. This is a place not to be missed if you go to Co To. Here you also can try sleeping on the beach tent, a very interesting experience for those who love new feeling.

Entertainment on Co To island

Have fun at Co To Park on Hong Van Beach, the most pristine and unspoilt beach on Co To Island. With a ticket price of 250,000 VND/person/visit, including a shuttle bus from the town center to Co To Park, visitors will experience all the games for an unlimited time. Guests can enjoy a free bath and use towels, free parking and free towels.

Kayaking – Experience on Hong Van

Kayaking is a fairly new game, giving participants the excitement right from the very nature of the adventure, fun of this game. Taking part in the game, you not only have the opportunity to practice your case-control skills while driving the kayak on the immense waters, but also have the opportunity to improve perseverance, bravery and courage with all the challenges.

Co To park via

Exercise with water volleyball

Playing water volleyball in the playground of Co To Park, visitors are encouraged to swim and float on the water, passing the ball across the water. This game is also popular to a lot of visitors.

The inflatable game complex

Composed of exciting games with strong feelings such as climbing the sea, obstacle course: swing, slide, jump… The game is simple, but hard-working, skillful players can overcome all the challenges in the complex of inflatable games. In addition to Co To Park, there is a children’s play area for kids to relax and blow away the summer heat.

Banana boat ride in Small Co To island

In 2015, if you go to Small Co To island visitors also experience the banana boat surf. This is a strong sea sport with 5-7 seat floats, fun floats (banana buoys). Visitors to wear a life jacket and sit on the buoys tied to the canoe with a sturdy cable. Canoe will sail at high speed from 50 to 80 km/hour in the cheering of the participants.

Young people make a tour to Co To sometimes to experience the lives of fishermen on fishing trips, squid fishing. And to try your luck, go to the surfers or the legendary scuba diving of Co To. They catch fish by diving into the sea, the fish will be caught with rags or netting.

Families who book tours to Co To relax after a year of hard work and study, the children will enjoy the freshest seafood at an extremely cheap price and adults are immersed in fresh air in peaceful blue calm sea.

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