Cat Ba Song fish


song fish

Cat Ba is the ideal location for leisure travelers, which attracts visitors not only because of its stunning beauty, but also of its unique cuisine with rich in flavor. Going on Majestic cruise, tourists will be able to enjoy the special dishes of Cat Ba cuisine. Below is some dishes that travelers should not miss when visiting Cat Ba. The food here is made from fresh ingredients, especially the Geo Duck. Besides, there are different special dishes which are both delicious and nutritious.

Song fish belongs to warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. In Vietnam, there have about 30 species including several species with high value. In the Cat Ba, there have 3 species: “song mo” fish, “song den” fish and “song cao” fish.Song fish is a ferocious meat-eate creature but very nutrient. People can cook many nutritious dishes from Song fish such as: salad roll, soup, hot pot, steamed, sauce, grilled…

Song fish, an aggressive creature in the deep sea, come in three types; they are called Fat Song, Black Song and Fox Song. Skilful chefs can create many dishes from these nutritious fish such as Song soup, hotpot, and steamed, grilled or sautéed dishes.
It was great to get to Cat Ba and enjoy the delicious dishes. Guests will have great moments to relax. Especially, join us on our cruise with Majestic which promised to bring a wonderful holiday for you and your family.