Stir-fried spicy squid

Stir-fried Spicy squid

With homegrown seafood, Halong Bay has become a popular destination for food lovers who want to taste freshest seafood dishes. Some popular delicious squid...

Tu Hai

Tu Hai is the speciality of Van Don Island district, some other places call it snail spout. It is a type of shellfish, but it...
Rolled cake with squid rolls

Enjoy rolled cake with squid rolls – specialty in Halong

What to eat in Halong? - A very interesting question for the tourists who are planning to visit and explore the romantic coastal city...
Cha Muc

Must- try specialities in Quang Ninh

Coming to Quang Ninh, tourists not only see the beauty of Halong bay or Yen Tu sacred land but also enjoy many famous delicious...
Stir-fried Noodle With Clams

Stir-fried Noodle With Clams

Visually, stir-fried clam noodle are not eye-catching but you will surely love it at first bite. This dish is a combination of Vietnamese rice...

Mantis shrimp in Cat Ba island

Most of the tours to Cat Ba have a schedule of enjoying the seafood, this is a chance for visitors to discover the tasty and delicious dishes are made from mantis shrimp. There are many mantis shrimps concentrating in the Cat Ba area, it is very large with a showy body, so the dished made of mantis shrimp always satisfies the guests.

Must-try dishes in Quang Ninh

When referring to the port city of Quang Ninh, people often think of the specialty dishes from the sea and traditional local cuisine. In this article we will introduce to you the delicious specialties in Quang Ninh for tourists.
Tro cakes

“Tro” Cake – Unique Dish Of Tien Yen, Halong

“Tro” cake in Tien Yen, Halong is made according to similar stages like in other places. However, what makes it unique is the secret...

Halong Snails

Halong Snails Favored by the Mother Nature as an unbelievably beautiful coastal province, Halong is famous for its variety of fresh and delicious seafood specialties...

Sa sung (Peanut-worm) – a famous specialty of Halong

One of the specialties cannot miss when referring to Halong is sa sung - a famous specialty of Halong.
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Where to stay when traveling to Phu Quoc

Besides breathtaking landscapes, Phu Quoc also satisfies travelers with the desirable accommodation. In this article, we would like to introduce you the best choice...
View from the train

Vietnam Travel Tips: Things To Know When Traveling By Train In Vietnam

Train in Vietnam is not as modern and fast as the other countries but it features the interesting scenery and unforgettable experience. It is...
La Pinta cruise

La Pinta Cruise- New Cruise in Lan Ha Bay- Halong Bay

You feel tired when having to transfer from Lan Ha Bay to Halong Bay by private car and do you want to explore Halong Bay and...

5 must-try experiences when traveling Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in our country. Here, visitors will live in the fresh space of the blue sea, or the jungle and visit the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. Let explore top 5 experiences you should try when traveling Cat Ba.

Attractive amusement parks in Halong

Halong city now not only focuses on promoting the beauty of natural wonder, Halong Bay with night cruise service to attract more visitors, but also concentrates on building more entertainment sites and large amusement parks. Check out these two parks for your trip in Halong.
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