Check out Binh Lieu in the white season of camellia oleifera


When referring Quang Ninh tourism, people will think of islands and sea, but there is a mountainous area that can make you surprised. That is Binh Lieu – the “Little Sapa” in the heart of Quang Ninh with the green terraces and beautiful reed roads.

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Natural location

Located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province on the border with China, 270 km from Hanoi, Binh Lieu is a remote mountainous district but possesses beautiful scenery. It is not by chance that Binh Lieu was dubbed the “Little Sapa” of Quang Ninh. Here, visitors are fascinated by the gentle climate, poetic nature and green terraced fields.

With the soul of discovery, the “specialty” of Binh Lieu is the border markers. Due to the terrain border with Phong Thanh and Nanning districts in China, Binh Lieu has milestones on the border road that is nearly 50 km winding, rugged long. Binh Lieu has 64 stone markers, but there are 4 important landmarks: 1300, 1302, 1305 and 1327 that no tourist can ignore. These landmarks are scattered over the border patrol road that is 700 meters above sea level, bending over the hills with pine resin smell. Young people come here to photograph the milestones as a meaningful mark for the trip to Binh Lieu.

Irresistible attractions in Binh Lieu

When coming to Binh Lieu, the border patrol road will make tourists exciting by the eager feeling to conquer the challenge and the beauty of wild landscape. The paths to the top of Cao Ly, Quang Nam Chau mountain, Cao Xiem are also very interesting places to “hunting clouds”. That road of Binh Lieu is also the place for you to have a dreamy picture in social networks. But watch closely before stopping and taking photos!

Dinosaur spine in Binh Lieu via Viettravelo

“Dinosaur spine” in Binh Lieu has recently stimulated many hearts of travellers to experience the discovery. The dinosaur spine is the phrase to name the road to the marker 1305, you have to climb up and cross the winding road. Binh Lieu paths are surrounded by beautiful grass and reed hills. The wild landscape, the poetic beauty of the mountains, the reeds shaking lightly in the wind between the green hills creates a picture of beautiful scenery. Standing from the dinosaur spine, you can enjoy the panoramic view of romantic Binh Lieu.

Binh Lieu is about to enter the most beautiful season, when the water stream is flowing fast. One of the spots you should not to miss when coming to Binh Lieu is Khe Van and Khe Tien waterfalls. The road to the waterfall is quite winding and difficult to go, but conquer this 200 m forest road to Khe Tien waterfall is also worth to try when exploring Binh Lieu. This forest road is made by ethnic minority people themselves for tourists to visit. They even thoughtfully built bamboo roofs so that tourists can rest after passing forest and streams.

Binh Lieu not only owns charming reed hills but also the terrace rice fields like in Sapa or Mu Cang Chai. Binh Lieu is rustic and tranquil with golden rice paddies. Also, in September, when the rice is full of yellow color, Binh Lieu is transforming itself beautifully. The terrace fields in Binh Lieu have a natural beauty blended with the culture of labor, bending as stairs to the sky.

Enjoy the beauty of the camellia oleifera festive season

If people are quite familiar with the Buckwheat Flower Festival of Ha Giang or Mustard Flower Festival in Moc Chau, it seems that the flower festival of Binh Lieu is quite new. 2017 is the second time Binh Lieu held this festival.

Camellia oleifera is a familiar flower that has been attached to Binh Lieu people for a long time, however, just a few years ago, the dream land Sapa of Quang Ninh is newly explored and quickly caused everyone’s attention.

Camellia oleifera festival via Nguyen Dung

When the winter begins to flow to the village, it is also the flowering season of camellia oleifera. However, the flowers do not blossom at a moment but scatter throughout the district of Binh Lieu and the most brilliant in early December. Therefore, the organizers this year decided to choose this time to launch a series of activities of the festival.

The 2017 camellia oleifera festival will be officially opened on December 9th in camellia oleifera Forest of Dong Long village, Dong Tam commune, Binh Lieu district. In addition, the festival is also held at the surrounding sites: Luc Na communal house (Luc Hon commune), Khe Van waterfall (Huc Dong commune) and Mooc river village (Dong Van commune). The festival will last until December 11th.

Camellia oleifera flowers are white petals, yellow pistils, blooming large, when blooming will create a pure white space covering the village. Standing from above, you will see a space blending white points across the mountain side of Binh Lieu.

Experience the rich cultural space of ethnic Binh Lieu people

Binh Lieu district has a very rich cultural tradition with about 96% of ethnic minority people such as: Tay, San Chay, Hoa, Dao Thanh Phan.

Therefore, to the Binh Lieu flower festival, visitors also have the opportunity to experience themselves in the colorful daily life of the people here. Many cultural activities such as: folk festival, folk games, traditional costume show … will create a colorful space for visitors to explore.

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