Co To travel – Explore the sea life or stay safe in the centre


Co To is always a great paradise as the green pearl of the North. Co To island is so familiar to tourists, but sometimes just a different place to stay, each one can experience different emotions. So where do you choose, the beach or the center, when you come to such beautiful Co To?

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When coming to Co To, the two areas still to be preferred by tourists to choose are the center of Co To and the beautiful beach Hong Van with the lush houses, bungalows right beside the water. Each place carries its own spirit and emotions. So let’s see where you are fit to have a trip to Co To island.

Co To Center – jubilant and exciting

Co To center is near the port, where there are many tourist services and conveniences for moving. This area has a lot of hotels, restaurants, eateries, shopping stores, souvenir shops, karaoke. Choose to stay in the center of Co To, you can completely relax when walking around or enjoy seafood dishes on the road, around the souvenir shops and find a gift, or while leisurely watching the sea and drink coconut juice at the embankment area. Co To center with full facilities is an excellent and secure option for groups of friends, families of generations or groups of colleagues.

Co To centre via Bao Quang Ninh

Not only that, the center of Co To is a suitable place to stay and easy for tourist to visit famous sites in Co To. It’s not hard to get a tram or rent a motorbike in this central area. With only about 5- 10 minutes to move, you can go to Cau My rock reef to watch the beautiful dawn, come to Hong Van to be immersed in the blue water, conquer Co To Park or to Bac Vien port to wait the sunset. Even from Co To center, you only need to walk a few minutes to admire romantic love beach, Uncle Ho statue and the famous Love Road.

As one of the most popular tourist destination in the North, the night in the center of Co To is bustling and jubilant. You can really feel a cosmic bustle Co To through street-based activities, wildly and natural outdoor stages, interactive games on the sidewalks or walkways with exhibited countless lovely souvenirs. For the food lovers, this is a heaven by the canteen of smoke with many snacks and specialties in Co To, or relaxing on the edge of the embankment to chit chat in a windy space.

Stay close to the beach – free and peaceful

New experience. Other than the Co To center, the bungalow or duck huts near the sea that we still see at Hong Van beach brings a different emotion. Hong Van is a place away from Co To center, where you can find peace and leisure. If you want immerse your soul with Co To nature, choose to stay here. At night, there are waves breaking to the shores as whistles, waking up with fresh sunshine. Opening eyes is the white sand, in front of the blue sea, above is the vast sky and next to the beloved. Just stay near the beach and you can experience those sweet romantic in Co To.

Hong Van beach via Begodi

Hong Van beach is located on the east of Co To island. The water is quiet, rolling like lake water due to Thanh Lan island stretching and preventing wind out of the sea. The sea is clear and sandy so that visitors do not want to leave. Located away from the crowded residential area, with sandy beach stretching and calm sea, Hong Van beach, Hong Hai village, Dong Tien commune, Co To district is becoming an ideal destination for tourists coming to Co To Island. On the sandy beach there are the bungalows designed creatively, close to nature, where you just open the door to be able to see the blue sea.

Because of being away from the hustle and bustle, when you choose to stay in Co To beach, you have the feeling of absolute freedom as the master of the sky when awaking early to welcome purple magical dawn, or occupying the deserted area of Co To when immersing in the blue water. Hong Van is also ideal for bathing, in gentle flowing streams. Summer days to Co To Island, do not miss Hong Van beach to experience a different and charming sea water.

To experience more than the natural beauty of the island, you can also kayak or scuba diving to watch the beautiful and brilliant colored fish in the ‘algae forest’ winding in each wave. Night is the most romantic time at this beach, when you can enjoy a seafood dinner with fresh squid, prawns, fish or nails in the wave sound and the shimmering light of the boats.

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