Cultural heritages – Priceless treasures in Quang Ninh


Beside the natural heritage of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh also has another valuable treasure, the cultural heritages of 22 ethnic groups living on this land for thousands of years.

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More than 600 historical sites and landscapes

According to Quang Ninh Department of Culture and Information, as of June 2017, the whole province has 609 historical and cultural relics and places of interest. Of these, there are four special national relics, 54 national relics, 79 provincial-level relics and 472 listing and classifying relics, among which many relics are located in mountainous districts, borders and many ethnic minorities.

In particular, Halong Bay has been honored twice by UNESCO as the world natural heritage. The four national monuments are listed as special national monuments, including: Halong Bay Scenic Area (Phase 1, 2009), Yen Tu Monument and Attraction, Bach Dang Historical Site (Phase 3, 2012) and Tran Dynasty relics in Dong Trieu.

Cai Bau Pagoda via Do Phuong

In addition, the province has nearly 500 historical, cultural and artistic relics associated with many traditional festivals, including famous relics such as Cua Ong temple (Cam Pha), Tra Co temple (Mong Cai), Long Tien pagoda (Halong City), Quaternary of Dong Trieu war zone, Quan Lan Temple, Cai Bau Pagoda – Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery (Van Don).

The outstanding cultural vestiges include: Yen Tu cultural relics, Bach Dang pile beach, Cua Ong temple, Quan Lan temple, Tra Co temple, Bai Tho mountain …

Famous historical relics include: Bach Dang pile beach, Van Don commercial port, Tran dynasty vestige area, Yen Tu vestige complex.

363 intangible cultural heritages

According to the statistics of Department of Culture and Information, Quang Ninh has 363 intangible cultural heritages, including 76 traditional folk festivals and 4 national intangible cultural heritages.

Prominent heritage is the Then singing of Tay, Nung ethnic minority. Then famous Then tunes include Then praying, Then loving and Then praising the country, the hometown, people … In addition, from the 60s of the twentieth century back, there appeared the type of ” Then performances”, a form of ordinary cultural performances, separated from a part of the ceremonial Then performance.

Then singing via Mytour

Beside singing Then, other forms of performing in Quang Ninh are also very rich, including: exchanging singing, love singing on boats of Cua Van fishing village (Ha
long city), Thang Loi (Van Don district) , đúm singing on Ha Nam island (Quang Yen town), Soong co singing of San Chi people (Binh Lieu and Tien Yen districts); Dao folk singing (Hoanh Bo and Uong Bi); singing – dancing in temple gate in Van Ninh (Mong Cai city), Doan Ket (Van Don), Dam Ha commune (Dam Ha district) …

Bright spots in conservation of cultural heritages

Over the years, the Quang Ninh Department of Culture and Information has cooperated with the provincial folk art association to actively preserve and promote the values ​​of national cultural heritages. Up to the present time, the works have been completed the collection, research and publication of “Some Problems of Dao people in Quang Ninh”, “Customs and rituals of life of San Diu people in Quang Ninh”.

Quang Ninh is also a bright spot in the restoration and renovation of relics, especially the mobilization of socialized capital; not only with relics but also with ruins. The most typical restoration and celebrations are Luc Na temple of Tay people (Luc Hon commune, Binh Lieu), Dong Dinh temple (Phong Du commune, Tien Yen commune), successfully restored traditional festivals like Lồng tồng festival in Thanh Lam (Ba Che) …

Luc Na temple festival via Bao Quang Ninh

Not let the heritages dead, Quang Ninh has put the conservation of traditional arts into the village life, the folk games in the festivals and even put into schools. Many folk songs singing clubs were born.

In addition to traditional festival conservation, Quang Ninh also organizes modern festivals that promote traditional values ​​such as the Halong Carnival Festival, Ba Che yellow flower tea festival, Binh Lieu camellia oleifera festival, The cultural festival of Ethnic Minorities in the Northeast (Tien Yen).

Many intangible cultural heritages of Quang Ninh ethnic groups are also researched and collected by the Department of Culture and Information and localities in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute for Culture and Art such as “Soong Co singing” of the San Chi, “Then singing” of the Tay in Binh Lieu, “Folk songs singing” and “Cấp sắc ceremony” of the Dao in Hoanh Bo, “Dai Phan ceremony” of the San Diu, “harvest ceremony” of the San Chi, “ Lang Da temple festival” in Ba Che District, “Trang Y temple festival” in Dam Ha district.

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