Discover the longest beach in Vietnam – Tra Co beach


The name Tra Co is sure to be very familiar to tourists. Travel to Quang Ninh, if not once to visit this beach is an unforgettable regret. Tra Co beach is referred as the most romantic beach in Vietnam, this place is also a unique tourist attraction with tourists both in Vietnam and abroad.

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Useful information

• Located in Quang Ninh province, the border between Vietnam and China
• About 8 – 9km from Mong Cai Border Gate and Mong Cai town
• Cover 170 ha and 17 km in length
• The coast extends from Mui Got of the North to Mui Ngoc in the South
• There is a very beautiful beach
• There are sand dunes on the beach from 3 – 4 m high
• There is a mangrove ecosystem
• Should come in May 30 – June 6 to participate in Tra Co Village Festival
• You can visit Tra Co temple or church
• Sam is a seafood specialty
• It is possible to cross the Ka Long Bridge into Hong Van center for Chinese food
• It is possible to take a car from Hanoi to Mong Cai
• Getting a taxi from Mong Cai to Tra Co

1. Some features of Tra Co beach

Tra Co is a beautiful beach located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, about 8 – 9km away from Mong Cai border gate and Mong Cai town. Visitors can go to Tra Co by car from Hanoi to Mong Cai with prices depending on the type of car, and from Mong Cai take a car to Tra Co beach.

Tra Co beach with an area of ​​170 hectares has the curved shape, with a strip of about 17 km creating a scenic spot for Quang Ninh. Tra Co beach extends from Mui Got in the north to Mui Ngoc in the south, which is also the border between Vietnam and China, not far from Halong Bay.

Mong Cai Central Market via Youtube

Such terrain creates a long coastline which makes Tra Co known as the longest coastline in Vietnam. The climate here is cool with the scent of the sea, the space is still unspoiled because the beach is quite far away from the city center, harbor and industrial areas.

Along the coast, there are villages of the residents. People live mainly by fishing and aquaculture. The beach has also 3 – 4m high sand dunes that are extremely interesting. Especially in Tra Co, there is a mangrove forest ecosystem together with shady casuarinas strip that holds sand and windbreak.

2. Tra Co beach with romantic beauty

Tra Co Beach is known as a beautiful destination with the harmony of blue sea along with spreading white sand shores. Visitors to this place will enjoy the moments of peace and immerse along with the dreamy sunshine and wind.

The sea in this place stretches wide and flat with fine white sand along with the waves thrusting into the shore, visitors can come here and play with the waves and enjoy swimming. And when tourists come to Con Mang about 6km from Tra Co, tourists will witness the beautiful magic, poetic dawn or sunset.

If your trip to Tra Co is from May 30 to June 6, visitors can participate in the “Tra Co Village Festival” that is held every year when the summer holidays start. This festival is extremely crowded and it is characterized by the life and spirit of the people of the sea.

Come to Tra Co tourism, tourists will come to the land of the most things. Tra Co is recorded as the beach with the most tourist destinations. You not only can enjoy the longest and the most beautiful beach in the North but also can visit many places such as Tra Co temple or Tra Co church

Tra Co church via Tin nhanh

Travelers who like shopping can go to Mong Cai border gate where has many Chinese goods, this shopping area is crowded with lots of diverse goods. Visitors can also visit Da Den beach to be able to check in and take many beautiful photos.

Come to Tra Co, visitors can visit Mong Cai night market where they sell a lot of household items, garments or souvenirs. Or for more interesting than, tourists can enjoy the Chinese flavor dishes when crossing the Ka Long Bridge into Hong Van Center.

3. The food can not miss when coming to Tra Co

Come to any tourist area, you want to enjoy the specialties there and in Tra Co also there are many unique seafood dishes to enjoy it. The most unique and interesting dish in this place is the dish made from Sam. Guests can enjoy such dishes as: sam salad, sam fried with chili pepper, sweet and sour stir-fried sam, crispy fried sam egg.

Also when visitors have the opportunity to explore Mong Cai city, visitors can also enjoy dishes: “gat gu” cake, Tien Yen chicken… all dishes are extremely strange and attractive.

Coming to Tra Co beach, visitors will feel extremely comfortable dispelling the sorrow and tiredness of life, to enjoy the natural taste of the land of heaven. For more information about travel tips, please visit our website.