Enjoy a day tour in Lan Ha Bay


One of the most attractive tourist destinations in North Vietnam is Lan Ha Bay – a beautiful bay located in the east of Cat Ba Island, adjacent to Halong Bay – Quang Ninh. With wild beauty, blue sea and scenery, Lan Ha bay increasingly attract tourists to visit and experience. Let us enjoy the summer with a tour of Lan Ha Bay in one day.

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1. Visiting Lan Ha Bay in a day tour

One of the ways to travel Lan Ha Bay one day that is convenient and is chosen by most tourists now is the tour of travel companies. You can a solo travel to discover Lan Ha Bay in one day; however, to save time and make the trip more interesting, reasonable, economical, the smart way choice is to book a tour. You will find the need of a day tour to Lan Ha Bay for some reasons:

Firstly, for a period of just one day, visitors are wondering to choose the places to enjoy and visit the Lan Ha Bay. You will not have to worry anymore, the travel company will help you choose the most memorable and wonderful places with their experience and sharing.

Secondly, follow the tour, visitors will not take much time for the rental of transportation, boat ticket and visit ticket, dining and rest, all of which services have travel companies support you. You just need to carry your backpack and enjoy the great time of travel!

Lan Ha Bay via Hanoi Advisor Travel Agency

Finally, with the tour, visitors will save a lot of money compared to going solo travel from the cost of moving to eating, you will not have to worry about being hacked in the resort. With the experience of many years working in this field, travel companies always create the best conditions for travelers to have a safe and reasonable journey, and have a lot of fun. In addition, visitors always have a professional and enthusiastic guide to accompany on the journey.

Visiting Lan Ha Bay in a daytour is a very reasonable choice. We believe that, with the registration on tour, you will have a wonderful experience in this beautiful waters!

2. Transportation to Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located adjacent to Halong Bay, in the east of Cat Ba Island – Hai Phong. Lan Ha Bay has a large area of over 7,000 ha. Most of this area is under the management of Cat Ba National Park (5,400 ha). This place is extremely attractive to tourists because of the rare wild beauty, natural scenery and about 400 large islands.

To visit Lan Ha Bay, tourists will go to Beo Pier in Cat Ba – this is the main port of Cat Ba people to buy tickets to visit the bay. The ticket price to rent boat to visit Lan Ha bay is 100,000 VND/person. If you want to save more, you can rent a motorboat for about VND 50,000 / person. The price to visit Lan Ha Bay is about 30,000 VND / person.

3. Best time to visit Lan Ha Bay

Visiting Lan Ha bay for summer days is a very enjoyable and reasonable experience. Blue sea – white sand – yellow sunlight will give visitors impressive and memorable moments. The best time to visit Lan Ha Bay is from April to July, the heat of the summer will be dispelled by the cool sea and the adventures of the vast ocean. Or you can go to Lan Ha Bay in the autumn, from late August to October, the autumn scenery in Lan Ha Bay is also very attractive and exciting that will make visitors be immersed in the nature.

Cat Ba National Park via A Girl Abroad

4. Lan Ha Bay a day tour schedule

08:00 – tourists will move to Beo wharf to buy tickets to visit Lan Ha Bay. Then, you start the tour to Lan Ha Bay with the natural beauty of hundreds of small and large islands, enjoy moments of relaxation with the vast space of sea.

10:30 – Visit the popular caves as Light – Dark Cave with mysterious beauty as the virtual paradise in the world. In particular, visitors can experience exciting activities such as kayaking to feel the close beauty of nature and the magic of Lan Ha.

11:30 – Rest and lunch on the boat with the special dishes of the sea such as lobster, crab, fish, snails, squid … Then continue to visit the beautiful island of Ba Trai Dao, where tourists will be able to watch the natural beauty of the wild scene. Here, visitors can participate in bathing in the natural fresh water.

14:30 – Travel to Monkey Island area to visit and explore the abundant creatures on the island, bathe, and relax.

16:30 – Return to Beo Pier, end the journey to discover Lan Ha Bay with memorable and interesting experience.

Lan Ha Bay is a wonderful magical paradise for tourists to avoid this hot season. With this sharing, we hope you will have a good trip with best experience! For more information about things to do in Halong, please visit our website.