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Essence of the North 9 days

5 must-try experiences when traveling Cat Ba

5 must-try experiences when traveling Cat Ba
UPDATED: 07 Feb 2018 27 Views

Cat Ba Island is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in our country. Here, visitors will live in the fresh space of the blue sea, or the jungle and visit the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. Let explore top 5 experiences you should try when traveling Cat Ba.

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1. Swimming

Summer makes people find to the blue sea to immerse in the blue cool water. Sea bathing in Cat Ba should not be missed, but not everyone knows all the beautiful and clean beaches in this pretty island. Cat Co 1, 2, 3 beaches are famous in Cat Ba, located in Cat Ba town, but almost at these beaches, tourists are very crowded, and even have to squeeze together. One of the ideal destinations for tourists who enjoy the tranquility and freshness of pristine beaches, clear water and wild scene is the beach on Monkey Island, Tung Thu. Enjoying in many wild beaches in Lan Ha Bay will be one of the must-try experiences when traveling Cat Ba.

2. Visiting Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay was one part of Halong Bay, but later, the bay was separated and it brought a peaceful and fresh beauty to this day.

To move out of the bay, you can go to Beo wharf and hire a wooden boat to visit a bay and combine swimming in the Monkey Island at a price of 300,000 - 500,000 VND / boat for 6 people, or hire a ship from 1.3 - 1.8 million VND/ trip.

Lan Ha Bay via Cat Ba Monkey Island Resort

3. Kayaking and scuba diving

With young, adventurous and dynamic travelers, they often like to experience activities when traveling on Cat Ba Island like kayaking or scuba diving. You will never forget the pleasure of kayaking on the sea, where the waves are chasing each other and you can go to any of the unspoiled islands of Lan Ha Bay for a swim.

It can be said that diving is one of the experiences you must try when traveling Cat Ba. You can dive and look at the coral reef by mask or oxygen for about 1 million to 1.5 million VND per person.

4. Exploring Monkey Island

Located not far from Cat Ba island, one of the small islands that tourists visit most when coming to Cat Ba is Monkey Island. There is a resort for foreigners to stay and a beach for everyone when visiting Monkey Island. Not only can you soak in the cool water, but also enjoy the view of the beautiful Lan Ha Bay when climbing high mountain in Monkey Island.

Monkey Island also owns two very beautiful natural beaches: Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. Cat Dua 1 is the main beach, longer and wider, often crowded with tourists. Cat Dua 2 is narrow but very beautiful and modern with high service cost.

Cat Ba seafood via Google Sites

5. Enjoying seafood

In Cat Ba, there are many kinds of fresh seafood such as: mantis shrimps, crabs, octopus, clams, oysters that are all worth to try and buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

In the summer, Cat Ba is more crowded with many tourists than other seasons, so the price of seafood also increases. If you do not want to buy with high prices, you should ask the price before deciding. It is great to find a wild beach and have BBQ together with friends on the beach.

Sea sam (horseshoe crab) is a specialty that many travelers to Cat Ba island often seek. From October to February of the lunar calendar, this time is the season of sam’s breeding. So to catch sea sam, fishermen must also calculate the water level and choose the day to sail. What is special about this species is that sam often go in pairs, when caught will be both. If catching only one, fishermen will drop immediately into the sea.

The meat is very sweet with its own unique flavor. Sam can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes, containing more protein. In particular, the most popular dishes are grilled sam, sam salad, sweet and sour stir fried sam or porridge, vermicelli with sam.

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