Explore the pristine and dreamy beauty of Ngoc Vung Island


You want to go to a wild place that is comfortable and beautiful, come with us, we will take you to a beautiful place and you will be satisfied. It is Ngoc Vung island in Cam Pha district, Quang Ninh province.

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Apart from Halong Bay and islands like Tuan Chau, Ti Top, Co To, Ngoc Vung is beautiful and still has its own pristine and natural beauty. Ngoc Vung Island is something special? What experience you can get in Ngoc Vung? Let’s explore it!

1. Introduction Ngoc Vung island

Ngoc Vung is an island about 45 km in length and in Van Don District, about 50 km from Van Don Wharf. The island has a beautiful sandy beach with a length of 14 km, of which 3 km is white wild and soft sand shores.

The name of the island is from a legend that the people here tell: the island in the past has a lot of precious pearls and often shines on the moon, here you discover the legend of the wild island. Currently, Ngoc Vung Island has been planned and become an eco-tourism area, the population here is about 1000 people, they are extremely friendly and hospitable.

Ngoc Vung island via YouTube

2. Transportation to Ngoc Vung

If you depart from Hanoi to Ngoc Vung island, there are many means such as cars, ships … By car, from Hanoi there are passenger cars such as Duc Phuc car, Kumho Viet Thanh car … as follows:

  • Duc Phuc Car: From My Dinh bus station to Cam Pha bus station with a ticket of VND 120,000 / trip, with 20 trips / day, tel: 01232 288 389
  • Kumho Viet Thanh Car: From My Dinh station, ticket price is 120,000 VND / time, tel: 04.35.333.888 – 0968.36.00.22 – 0968.36.00.33
  • Tourists can take a car from Hanoi to Cam Pha then take bus 01, about 15,000 VND.
  • Boat: You can take a speedboat from Cai Rong Port to Ngoc Vung Island, there are two routes that are Van Don and Hon Gai routes, there are 2 trips a day at 7:00 am and 1:30 pm, you can buy tickets at Van Don port at VND 60,000 / person / visit.
  • Hon Gai route in Bach Dang ward, Halong city, departing from 01:00 p.m daily, you can book tickets by phone: 033.2473536, 0168.655.2222.
  • Take wooden boat from Cam Pha port to the island with the price of 50,000 VND / person / trip. The boat time is from 8:00 a.m and 1:30 pm, and the boat takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

3. Best time to visit Ngoc Vung

Ngoc Vung is beautiful and exciting at every time, but one note for you is that you should go in summer, summer is not hot but very cool and fresh. In September or October, there are storms and winter is cold, so you should avoid this time. In summer, waves are calm, it is the best time to bathe and play extremely comfortable as well as create a private space for tourists.

Ngoc Vung island via Thoibao.today

4. The beauty of Ngoc Vung

Ngoc Vung Island is an ideal getaway for tourists. From the overlooking view, the island is a beautiful shawl, located between Phoenix Island and Hon Net Island of Van Don. The island has a long white sand shore about 3 km, the sand is very smooth and white as a gentle silk flying in the wind with casuarinas ranges swaying. Wild and pristine beauty of the island is the thing extremely attracting visitors.

You can play with the waves or wander around on the sandy beach and pick up lovely shells. One of the more interesting things you can do is to ride a bicycle, you can rent a double or tricycle for 40,000 VND per hour or borrow money from people here, they are willing to lend you. At the beach without people, you can enjoy the sea and playing with the waves.

Ngoc Vung has diverse terrain types such as sea, delta, river, harbor so visitors are very exciting to come here. The peaceful rice fields swing in the wind with the smooth scent of yellow rice, longan trees, jackfruit swaying, or small trails that you can cycle to visit. Come and experience it! You will have a great experience!

From the center of the island you can visit other places such as Uncle Ho Memorial on the island, watching overhead islands from 12.7 canon hill, flagpole … you will have interesting experiences here. On the island, the mobile phone signal is poor so you hear the frog singing at night like a harmonica with full rhythms, is not it interesting?

5. Food and accommodation on Ngoc Vung

Ngoc Vung Island has just put into tourism operation, so there are few guest houses, you can rest in some guest houses here:

  • Bien Dao guesthouse: The room is clean, airy, fully equipped.
  • Dong Que stilt house: Contact: 0986287548.
  • Hung Hanh local house: Contact: 01234139578.
  • Song Da Bungalow: Contact: 0989541197.

Also, you can go a little further, rent some of the motels and hotels nearby as follows:

  • Le Pont Minh Chau Hotel: 15 km from the island, comfortable, full and luxurious facilities, address at Minh Chau beach, Quan Lan island. Phone: 0973 74 80 81.
  • Ann Hotel – Quan Lan Island: Located close to Ngoc Vung, only 10.5 km. This is a well-known hotel and quality service is good on Dong Nam village, Quan Lan, Van Don. The hotel serves guests heartily, thoughtfully. Phone: 0203 3877 889.
  • Van Hai Green Hotel: From Ngoc Vung to the hotel is 12.66 km, the hotel is located on Quan Lan Island, excellent quality and enthusiasm, dedicated service will make you remember forever. Phone: 0166 568 8668.
Song Da Bungalow via Bao Moi

On Ngoc Vung island, you can camp on long sand banks and enjoy a campfire at night, or you stay at homestay, they are very friendly and enthusiastic.

Eating at the island is very cheap but delicious, you can ask people to cook or cook yourself delicious dishes, if eating at the hotel or motel, the average cost is about 100,000 VND / person.

Here you can experience the same activities with local people like fishing, pulling the net … very interesting and meaningful. The dishes here are extremely delicious with the fresh seafood from far away fishermen.

As a gift you can buy fresh seafood when the fishermen come back, they will chill the fish for you to bring home, and if you like dried squids, this is the choice can not be more wonderful.

6. Notes when coming to Ngoc Vung

With wild beauty and new exploitation so the island is quite simple, you should prepare the necessary items for yourself as follows:

  • Money, identification, camera and phone to take pictures.
  • Personal items such as shower gel, shampoo, abdominal pain medication and allergy medication.
  • Also on the island the phone signals are very weak and the network is slow.
  • Do not throw waste away and keep the scenery of the island!

Traveling in Ngoc Vung island will make visitors feel comfortable, relaxing by peaceful, airy and simple space. Do not hesitate any more, let us explore this place soon! For more information about attractions in Halong, please visit our website.