Exploring Cat Ba National Park


Cat Ba is the main island in Cat Ba archipelago. Cat Ba island is the attractive destination for the foreign and domestic visitors thanks to its poetic nature. Coming to Cat Ba island, visitors also have the chance to explore the diversified nature in Cat Ba National Park.

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Overview about Cat Ba island

Cat Ba is the biggest island of Hai Phong city. Traveling Cat Ba is to entertain and relax, this island is the popular destination for many visitors coming to Vietnam. Cat Ba island is the choice for many visitors in this summer.

Cat Ba island is on the south of Halong Bay, offshore of Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh province. This island is 30km from Hai Phong city and 25km from Halong city. Cat Ba archipelago belongs to Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. This island is recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve. The facilities are also quite developing with many hotels, motels, resorts, pagodas and especially the whole island is conducted the Wi-Fi station. The attractions in Cat Ba are classified as the special national heritages. This is the honor for the historical, cultural, scientific value and feel the beauty of Cat Ba archipelago. Moreover, this will help Cat Ba island to be recognized soon as the World Natural Heritage.

Come to Cat Ba, the visitors not only have the chance to discover the blue sea with white sand, yellow sunlight, the poetic beaches, the mysterious caves or visit the beautiful Lan Ha bay, but also explore Cat Ba National Park – the biggest World Biosphere Reserve.

Lan Ha bay

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park has the square of 16,196.8 ha including 10,931.7 ha of forest and 5,265.1 ha of sea water. Being one of the biggest biosphere reserve of the world, Cat Ba National Park has the wild animals listed in Vietnam Red Book, they need to be protected.

Vietnam Red Book

Cat Ba National Park is the World Biosphere Reserve – a special national park – with the combination of many different biodiversity: green forest on the limestone mountain, flooded forest on high mountain, flooded forest in the coastal area, the sea with the coral near coast, the system of caves with the special feature where the Bats stay. Cat Ba National Park is one of the important points for reserving in Cat Ba island.

There are 741 different species, many kinds of precious wood, salt flooded contains 23 species, seaweed 75 species, 199 phytoplankton species.

With high biodiversity, Cat Ba Archipelago was officially recognized by the UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve during the International Council on Human and Biosphere Program Co-ordination in Paris, 29/10/2004. Being recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve is a great thing for Cat Ba, as a driving force for economic development, tourism, promoting aquaculture, fishing and scientific research.

Not only being the world’s largest biosphere reserve, Cat Ba has many beautiful bays, like Lan Ha Bay and hundreds of attractions as an exotic marine park with wild life. In which, Tung Gau is the most favorite which you must go deep into the island to 7, 5 km, the door is about 400m wide, the depth is gently 4 to 5 m, there are many rare seafood resources. This is an ideal place for guests to bathe in clear blue water and white sand from the coral debris created.

Because of its biodiversity, every year the number of visitors visiting Cat Ba is numerous. Most of Cat Ba 2 day & 1 night visitors can enjoy all the beauty as well as entertainment in this beautiful island.

If you have a tour to Cat Ba island, don’t forget to take a trip to Cat Ba National Park. It can be your most interesting experience in this beautiful island.