Five unique handicrafts in Halong


The beautiful and mysterious Halong bay is a castle under the sea abandoned thousands of years ago. It is a priceless gift that creativity has given, the paradise on the planet. Halong Bay has a perfect beauty with the undulating islands, shining on the blue sea, the splendid and mysterious cave hiding the legendary stories of human history.

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Come to Halong, visitors not only experience on beautiful yachts, explore the beauty of nature, enjoy the fresh air of the sea but also enjoy the delicious food from the sea and admire the strange and unique crafts. Let’s explore 5 unique handicrafts when coming to Halong Bay.

Useful information:

  • Halong handicraft products are sold in Halong Market, Vuon Dao Trade Center, Halong Night Market ..
  • Travelers should bargain to buy at reasonable prices; with handicrafts pay about two-thirds of the initial price offered and with other items pay half the original price.
  • Guests should consult, bargain multiple times before deciding to buy.
  • Visitors should check the goods before taking them.
  • Tourists should buy in the day time because of real and easier to evaluate quality.

1. Souvenirs from sea creatures

To Halong, visitors not only have a glimpse of the beautiful islands, romantic nightlife on the gentle blue water, immerse in splendid beauty of the stalactites glittering in the mysterious caves, drop the soul to the melodious waves and the cool breezes but also be interested in the beautiful souvenirs made of sea creatures.

A souvenir shop in Halong via Begodi

In Halong, visitors can easily see the beautiful and unique souvenirs made of marine life such as bracelets, hair clips, boxes, key chains that are pearl mosaic. The wind chimes come from shells with all the colors that are unique and bring the sounds like the sea breezes.

In the premium category, visitors can choose pearl necklaces, pearl bags as gifts for women in the family. Visitors to Halong do not forget to choose to buy unique and creative souvenirs from the species of sea creatures to give as gifts.

Reference address: Vuon Dao Trade Center

Phone: 033 640141

Address: Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh.

Price: from 15,000 VND

2. Ceramic handicraft

About 4,500 years ago, the ceramics of Halong have been famous all over the country because of the diverse designs, lively and bold marine cultural features along with many types of glaze like flowing enamel, synthesis enamel.

Today, when coming to Halong, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the pottery products that are diverse with jars, vases, wine bottles, pots,… that are created by meticulous and skillful old craftman. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to buy some unique pottery of Halong for souvenirs or gifts for relatives and friends.

Reference address: Halong Supermarket
Address: Le Thanh Tong Street, Halong
Price: from 400,000 VND

3. Pearl cultivation

The culture of pearl cultivation thrives in Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province. It is home of four valuable pearl types including Ma Thi, Vo Day, Canh Dai and Jamson. These are very precious pearls and have high exporting value.

According to the ship to the bay, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the large pearl farms in Van Don. In the sunshine of the morning and the shining buoys, the cages undulate along the waves, visitors will be surprised and excited.

A pearl farm in Halong via Bao Quang Ninh

The pearls are harvested all year round by the fishermen of Van Don. Therefore, this area is always busy and bustling with tourists, wholesalers and retailers. With the skillful hands of old artisans, and the appropriate natural conditions, Van Don pearls have a variety of luxurious colors that is not only famous in the country, but throughout Southeast Asia and favored in countries around the world.

Reference address: Thanh Nien souvenir shop

Address: the intersection in Bai Chay Post Office, Halong
Price: from 1 mil VND

4. Fishery

Quang Ninh has a large fishing ground with endless beaches, abundant fish and seafood of high economic value both for the country and for export. Capturing seafood in Quang Ninh is a traditional profession with a long history not only of socio-economic significance but also of great cultural and tourist significance.

Come to Halong, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the life of the fishing village people when sailing with fishermen to the sea. Under the lights of the boats in the night, visitors will watch the fish swimming upstream. The fishermen pick up the squid and bake on the funneled lamp, then enjoy it with tourists. Fresh baked squid and sipping with a few cups of wine, guests as far as float between fairies on the sea. The sea in the night glows like a floating city that is breathtakingly poetic, peaceful and incredible.

5. Handicrafts from coal

Coal handicraft products are increasingly popular among domestic and international visitors because of its beauty and unique materials, the aesthetics of craftsmanship. From the normal coal through the eyes and hands of the craftsman, the products have become a commodity with unique aesthetic value, with a wide variety of types from buffalos, deers, cigarette ashtrays to high-level sculptures.

Reference address: Halong Night Market
Address: Bai Chay Beach, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
Price: 30,000 – 700,000 VND.

Come to the beautiful and poetic Halong, visitors do not forget to give family, relatives, friends or colleagues special gifts and delicious specialties with beautiful breath of the sea.

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