Halong Pho Noodle House


Welcome to Halong Pho Noodle House!

We are a locally owned and operated family restaurant located in the heart of Kalihi (in Honolulu HI)..(Famous Restaurant in Halong)

We would like to share our family’s tradition of eating Vietnamese Phở with you, one of our favorite comfort foods.
We hope that when you enter our restaurant you escape into an oasis where you enjoy our food and experience quality and freshness in a contemporary setting. You will take with you  the joy of being a Phở’natic (that’s if you are not one already).

Halong Pho Noodle House
Halong Pho Noodle House

About Pho… let us describe it to you!

Phở pronounced (fuh) is a delicious, wholesome and healthy meal that many people have come to enjoy and love. By slowly cooking the broth for hours, our famous noodle soup captures all the natural flavors of the meat and the spices. Both the taste and wonderful aroma will not only tantalize your taste buds, but also excite your imagination. All our Phở dishes are served with complimentary greens of fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves, saw herbs, and wedges of lemon.

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Halong Pho Noodle House
Halong Pho Noodle House

What dah Phở?
Let us tell you dah scoops on how to eat Phở:
1. First taste dah soup to appreciate dah flavah.
2. Den, add dah bean sprouts into dah bottom of dah bowl for it to cook
3. Squeeze dah lemon, pick dah basil leaves and saw herb, and if you like um spicy, den add dah green jalapeño

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