Halong Squid Rolls

Halong squid rolls
Halong squid rolls

Tourists from all over the world coming to Halong are eager to taste the squid rolls (Cha muc). The specialty has been confirmed as a good food only in Vietnam.

Be loved by tourists in all over the world, Halong squid rolls is confirmed as a good food only in Vietnam by Vietnam record organization. In addition, Halong squid rolls is added to the list of top 50 gourmet cuisine.

Raw materials for making squid rolls is “muc mai”, a type of large and fresh cuttle in Halong. Per kilogram of “muc mai” on the market is priced from 200,000 to 300,000 VND.

To create this specialty of Quang Ninh, the raw materials- “muc mai” is chosen very carefully by the squid rolls processing facilities.

After carefully selected, the freshest squids will be cleaned and removed the unnecessary parts.

The squids are handled carefully, rinsed and wiped with a dry cloth.

After rolled thoroughly with a clean cloth until dried, the squid is put piecemealy into a mortar and pounded by hand. Some pieces are pounded briefly, just enough to be sticky. This is the essential factor to make more crispy pieces of squid rolls.

The squid rolls only needs some additives such as pepper, sticky flour (nep cai hoa vang), onions … While pounding, the pepper is added into the squid rolls in order to mĩ them well, because after pounding, the squid rolls will be very sticky and difficult to mix.

After completing the pounding process, the squid rolls is molded into pieces and fried with medium fire. Finally, it is dried by fan.

The squid rolls is very delicious with eye-catching yellow and the sweetness of fresh squid … This is the preferred gift tourists purchase as a gift for a loved ones. On the market, the price of finished squid is roughly 300,000 dong to 500,000 dong per kilogram.