Interesting experiences in Co To


Coming to Co To island, tourists can rent fishing boats, squid fishing, kayaking, snorkeling to see coral reefs, camping on the beach, riding a banana float… Many activities are waiting for you to explore!

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Watch the blue sea off the white sand in Co To

Co To Island has many famous beaches, especially two beaches: Hong Van and Van Chay. Here you will never see crowded situation, because the beach in Co To is very spacious, smooth white sand stretching, especially the water is always beautiful blue.  Come to Co To you will be released into the nature, lying on the white smooth sand, watching the blue sky and immerse in the fresh air  with the breath of the sea breeze.

Wander on the famous “Love Road”

A 2 km long road is tiled with red brick, along the coast, two sides are two green casuarina ranges swinging in the wind. You can ride the bike, walk on the road. That is extremely romantic. Co To appears in its waves of sea, gentle winds, a scene of the green forest, the yellow of the sun, and the red of the tiles. There is nothing more romantic and dreaming than these feelings. Co To island is simple and romantic because it owns natural beauty, with tree-lined roads, vast beaches and beautiful beaches.

Love Road via Du lich co to

Pick sea stars on Bac Van beach

Sea star is the name of the local calling for this mollusk. The odd look of this sea star makes visitors very interested. The sea has no eyes, no nose, no ears, no head but have a mouth. The mouth of the sea star lies at the bottom of the belly and at the center of the starfish. It eats species such as clams, oysters.

Tourists can see sea stars on the white sand beach in Co To such as the beach center, Van Chay beach, Hong Van beach, Small Co To beach, but the most beautiful can be found in Bac Van. Feel the joy and excitement of catching colorful starfish with special shapes.

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing helps you train the patience, you will experience the feeling of excitement while sitting on the boat, let fishing rods, wait for squid, watching the sky and sea at night. And more interesting is that on the shore, looking for some dry wood, get fire and enjoy the squid you catch!

Dive and see coral reef

For those who want to explore the vast ocean, dive into the sea is a very exciting activity. In Co To sea with blue clear water, coral reefs are full of mystery, the fish with bright colors are busy swimming, waiting for visitors to explore.

Camping in Co To via

Camping and sleeping in tents

The camping site floor is made of wood, 30 cm from the sandy surface and has a roof above it, ensuring it stays dry even when it rains. In addition to hotels, guesthouses in the town center; the campsite at Co To Park is the ideal choice for those who want to travel at a cost saving, rejoicing in the wild scenery of the beautiful Hong Van Beach. If you want to be in harmony with nature, living in the middle of the sky, camping on the beach is also a great experience.

Kayaking, riding a banana float

In order to experience kayaking, you go to Co To Park on Hong Van beach. Ticket price is 250.000VND per person, you can enjoy all time unlimited play such as kayaking, iceberg, beach volleyball, … The games bring strong feeling like climbing on the sea, crossing obstacles: swings, sliding, jump high …

Enjoy BBQ on the beach

Enjoying BBQ on the beach at night is also a romantic setting for young people to feel the special aftertaste of the sea. The long beach shines with the silver lights of the sand. Enjoying the delicious aromatic grill, sipping drinks, next to the sea waves is an interesting experience for visitors to the beautiful island. To book BBQ you can contact hotels and restaurants right on the island.

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