Lesser-known travel destinations near Halong


Many people when referring to Quang Ninh will simply think this is where nature has given the magnificent landscape admired by the whole world, typically beautiful Halong Bay. However, Quang Ninh is not only there, there are many beautiful but lesser known tourist attractions in Quang Ninh that you should not miss.

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Ngoc Vung island

Also located on the island tour route of Van Don district, but compared to Quan Lan, Minh Chau, Ngoc Vung is less known tourists. The island still retains the wild features, not much affected by the business activities of human tourism.

Ngoc Vung Island is also known as Ngoc Island. The name is so called, because the ancient legend of this area there are many kinds of rare pearls, night sky glowing a sky. Ancient rumors that at night the boats from the distance often see the glory of the sea son in a bright area around the island, so called Ngoc Vung.

Bungalows on Ngoc Vung island via Bao Moi

This unspoilt island has a unique, concrete road connecting from Ngoc Vung port to the center of the island and running through the length of Truong Chinh beach. The beach here is very beautiful with blue water, long white sandy beach stretching nearly 3 km, bending like a crescent moon, leaning on the forest. In addition to swimming, you can walk around the casuarina forest, visit Uncle Ho Memorial site in the center of the island. On November 12th, 1962, Uncle Ho visited the army and people on the island. To remember that event, the people on the island have grown banyan trees where Uncle stood to talk. Visitors can also visit the ancient ruins of the Cong Yen trade port of Van Don from the 11th century, ancient monuments of the Mac and the Nguyen dynasty.

For a visit on the island, travelers can walk or rent a tuk tuk or a mountain bike to begin their own exploration. The concrete road on the island, the two pretty poetic sides, beautiful nature and simple, honest and hospitable people will certainly bring you a really interesting experience. Especially, seafood here is diverse, fresh at reasonable prices, snail dishes in the island will leave you unforgettable taste.

At present, when coming to Ngoc Vung island tourists can book accommodations at Song Da Eco-tourism Area at Truong Chinh Beach Center, which has been put into operation since the summer of 2014 with a system of rooms designed with sea view, arranged in separate bungalows along the beach, with many entertainment and dining services. Or you can book a room at the military-invested lodge with a two-storey building with 12 rooms overlooking the sea. In addition, visitors can also stay and eat at local houses. Over the past two years, the homestay type on the island has started to develop, some households on the island have invested and repaired their houses, built more rooms to welcome tourists in the summer season.

The transportation to Ngoc Vung island is quite convenient. There are 4 wooden ships to take guests to the island. Of which, there are two ships departing from Ben Duc (Cam Pha City) at 7:00 and 13:00; two from Cai Rong Port (Van Don) at 7:00 and 13:00.

Thanh Lan Island

From the port of Co To town to go to Thanh Lan island commune, it takes about 20 minutes. Compared to Co To town center, tourism in Thanh Lan developed later. Here the natural landscape is quite wild, especially Thanh Lan stands out with beautiful with thousands of years of sedimentary rock and primeval forests along with the long sandy beach of the sea.

Thanh Lan island via Trung Jones

To Thanh Lan, the first point visitors can not ignore is Ba Chau lagoon, located about 4 km from the center of Thanh Lan island. This is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches, consisting of 3 sand dunes and rock formations forming a large pan. Beaches are smooth, with fine white sand and crystal clear water at the bottom. The two sides of the beach is a system of cliffs with unique shapes and is covered by primitive forest with morning glory beds growing on the beach sand, contributing to the beauty of wild nature in Ba Chau.

From above, Ba Chau attracts visitors by a blue color stretching to the horizon. Especially when the sunset falls, Ba Chau wears a new coat with a quiet, silent color, creating a beautiful scene. This is the highlight, the indispensable destination of tourists when traveling to Thanh Lan island.

The second beach visitors should go in Thanh Lan is Hai Quan or Navy Beach. This beach is about 1 km long with smooth white sand, clear water, beautiful waves. Named for the Navy as a beach managed by a naval unit. Come here, visitors will enjoy the feeling of fresh air from the forest and sea on the path leading to the beach. Along with the activities of swimming, exploring the forest, visitors will experience “One day as a soldier”, be trained, eat and better understand the life of the island soldiers.

In addition to the beaches mentioned above, Thanh Lan also owns other beautiful beaches such as the beach in the commune center, C67 pristine beach located near the primeval forest to facilitate the development of exploring, camping, swimming with fishing activities, squid fishing, catching snails …

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