Mantis shrimp in Cat Ba island


Most of the tours to Cat Ba have a schedule of enjoying the seafood, this is a chance for visitors to discover the tasty and delicious dishes are made from mantis shrimp. There are many mantis shrimps concentrating in the Cat Ba area, it is very large with a showy body, so the dishes made of mantis shrimp always satisfies the guests.

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The mantis shrimp is a kind of seafood with much meat, it can be cooked into lots of attractive dishes. In the past, only a few people know about mantis shrimp, but at present, this is one of the most popular kinds of seafood for visitors in Cat Ba island.

In order to have a delicious dish of mantis shrimp, the selected one must be fresh. When processing, the shell of the mantis shrimp must not be crushed, so that, it will keep the original typical taste of this dish.

Depending on the preferences of each person to choose the right food, the mantis shrimp of Cat Ba has much meat with the sweet taste. When the meat of mantis shrimp is put into the mouth, the feelings of greasy, fat, sweet will be attached to your tongue, it will be very interesting.

Mantis shrimp can be processed into many attractive dishes such as:

“Bề bề hấp bia” – Mantis shrimps steamed with beer

Mantis shrimps steamed with beer

With ½ can of beer, 1 piece of ginger or citronella, and a little bit of mantis shrimps, you will have a simple, delicious dish with the original sweet taste of the mantis shrimp.

“Bề bề xóc bơ tỏi” – Mantis shrimps fried with butter and garlic

Only with the mantis shrimps, butter, garlic, ginger, you will have the sweet and tasty mantis shrimp dish with the aroma of butter, garlic, this will be the great food for drinking in summer.

“Bề bề rang muối” – Mantis shrimps roasted with salt

Mantis shrimps roasted with salt

The most complex and sophisticated is probably how to make matis shrimps roasted with salt. It is a roast but you have to fry the mantis shrimps roughly with the oil to create the greasy taste for the food, and how to use fire and spices to make the most attractive mantis shrimp dish is also an art. That is why not everyone can make this roasted salt mantis shrimps. To enjoy this dish, you have to cut the side fins, use the chopsticks to put down the back to remove the cover and the attractive meat will fit neatly on your plate. Eating with some chili sauce will make the meat surface much better.

“Bề bề rang me” – Mantis shrimps roasted with tamarind

The spicy sour taste of tamarind sauce, along with the sweetness of the mantis shrimp help this dish has an undue appeal. Ingredients include fresh bread, meats, sugar, salt, pepper, chili, spices, fried flour.

“Bún bề bề” – Mantis shrimp vermicelli

Mantis shrimp vermicelli

This is the delicious, hot, sweet and attractive vermicelli. The way to cook mantis shrimp vermicelli is not too difficult, so right at home you can also cook a good breakfast for family as well. Ingredients include mantis shrimp, fresh vermicelli, bones of pigs, tofu, vegetables or choysum, optional chips, tomatoes, lavender, scallion, dried onions, chili sauce, lemon, fish sauce, etc.

“Nem bề bề” – Mantis shrimp spring rolls

To make mantis shrimp spring rolls, you need a little time to prepare the ingredients like meat rolls, in return, you will have a delicious and fragrant quality.

“Canh bầu nấu bề bề” – Mantis shrimp soup

The meat of mantis shrimp is very sweet, and this seafood should be cooked with the gourd to make a cool dish for family meals. Ingredients include gourd, surface, dried onions, flowers, spices, cooking oil.

“Lẩu riêu bề bề” – Mantis shrimps and sour crab hot pot

Mantis shrimps and sour crab hot pot

Instead of sour crab, you can completely use the mantis shrimp to make a pot of “quality” for a weekend gathering.

Mantis shrimps can be processed into many delicious dishes, these above dishes are the most popular in Cat Ba island. There are many other delicious foods made of mantis shrimps. If you want to taste them, you should really come to Cat Ba island once.