Must-try dishes in Quang Ninh


When referring to the port city of Quang Ninh, people often think of the specialty dishes from the sea and traditional local cuisine. In this article we will introduce to you the delicious specialties in Quang Ninh for tourists.

>>  Sa sung (Peanut-worm) – a famous specialty of Halong

Sá sùng (Peanut-worm)

A delicacy in Quang Ninh cuisine that not everyone dares to try because these sa sung are quite frightening, like worms that many people do not dare eat. But if anyone has eaten once, then there will be no fear and quite like the crispy and sweet food that makes the tourists eat once and remember the taste.

From the fresh sa sung seafood, the people of Quang Ninh process a lot of different dishes such as grilled sa sung, roasted sa sung, fried with piper lolot leaves or cooked porridge.

Gật Gù rice cake

This is a cake made from rice flour and cold rice when eaten quite like noodle but with a strange taste. It is served with fish sauce from minced meat, a bit fat of chicken fat making the cake become a familiar dish in breakfast of the local people here.

Gật Gù rice cake via Blog Traveloka

Because it is like a rolling rice cake, people often use their hands to eat. When keeping the rice cake, it is like nodding up and down because of the nodular resilience, so people call Gật Gù (nodding). But there are places when people after eating the pancake, they nod heads to show that it is delicious so from that the name is called.

Noodles with mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimp is a seafood specialty of the sea, processed into many dishes but perhaps the noodles with mantis shrimp in Quang Ninh is one of the most attractive dishes and worth trying when you come to this port city. A delicious noodle dish can not help but mention the bold broth from seafood such as shrimp, crabs and pig bone, when eating you can eat with green vegetables and green onions to enjoy the delicious taste.

Nem chạo

Nem chạo is a folk dish in Quang Ninh in the normal meals and wine parties of the port people, so tourists to Quang Ninh is excited and want to try this dish. Nem chạo is made from pork skin and “thính” (rice roasted and ground into powder), when eaten, customers will pack nem chao with basil leaves and herbs and add garlic sauce with sweet and sour chili, making you feel basil leaves and the aroma of roasted rice and crispy pork skin fillets. The specialty is the pride of the people in Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh.

Chả mực (Grilled Chopped Squid)

If you travel to Quang Ninh but not enjoy the Quang Ninh grilled chopped squid, it is really regretful. Perhaps, with Quang Ninh people, wherever they go, they will always remember the special and familiar food of their hometown. You can eat with rice, noodles, rolling pancake or sticky rice. The grilled chopped squid is quite easy to eat and the price is not too expensive so you can buy some as a gift to relatives and family.

Grilled chopped squid via AproTravel

Grilled chopped squid of Halong city is a specialty, and you must taste the Halong’s own squid you can feel the best taste of this dish. The squid used for frying must be fresh squid which is directly caught in the Halong Bay area. Fresh meat should be very fragrant and smell good. The most delicious grilled chopped squid is served with white sticky rice. The sticky rice is dry but soft, with a fresh sticky flavor mixed with the smell of fat, it will be a wonderful taste.

Gà đồi Tiên Yên (Hill Chicken)

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh Province. From Halong, follow Highway No. 18 to the north of 70 km to meet Tien Yen town. Here there is a specialty of famous hill chicken. Called hill chicken because the local chickens here are natural breeding, they daily wander on the slopes to feed themselves from the crustaceans, crickets, ants. Thanks to these unique natural foods, Tien Yen chicken is particularly sweet, toned but still brittle.

Yen Tu Apricot Wine

Go to Yen Tu, after enjoying the majestic scenery, the poetic beauty of the sacred place, you can enjoy the yellow wine with warm taste. Yen Tu apricot wine has a sweet, sour taste that makes visitors feel lighthearted.

Sam (Horseshoe crab)

Another extremely interesting species of Halong marine is sam or horseshoe crab- a species of crustaceans. From sea sam, you can prepare a variety of delicious and different dishes such as soup, salad, stir-fried with sam, sam fried with chili, crispy fried sam egg, steamed sam, fried sam with vermicelli.

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