The natural mysterious and beauty of Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son cave via Halong bay

Halong Bay is beautiful as the paradise in the fairy tale with the beauty of the islands in different shape of the world livings hidden on the blue, silent sea. Halong is a wonderful picture that is full of charm, fascinated to make visitors be immersed and forget the time.

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Halong attracts visitors by the mysterious beauty, splendor of many caves including Thien Canh Son Cave – fairy scene of mountains. Arrive in Halong, tourists should not miss Thien Canh Son cave.

1. Introduction to Thien Canh Son Cave

Thien Canh Son Cave is also known as the name Co Cave located between Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay in Cong Do Nature Reserve. This is a vast, mighty cave covered with magnificent limestone stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years as a fairytale castle.

Surrounding Thien Canh Son cave is a diverse forest ecosystem with many rare species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. Right below the cave is a beautiful and peaceful beach with clear blue water, cool white and smooth sand shore lying long endless.

2. Transportation

From Hanoi, tourists can pick up the car of different car manufacturers to Bai Tu Long, Halong Bay with the price ranging from 120,000 VND – 220,000 VND / person, travel time is about 4 hours – 5 hours.

Many prestigious car companies like Dai Phat, Nghia Anh Limousine, Duc Thanh …

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Transportation to Bai Tu Long

If you travel in the city you can use the taxi companies: Mong Cai, Halong, Hon Gai, Mai Linh. All taxi companies have the price list on the car.

To visit the bay you can contact Bai Chay cruise ship terminal, Halong cruise pier, Duong Hai company, Halong Bay service center, Hai Au company, Paradise Luxury Cruises …

Alternatively, you can book a cruise on a daily basis, depending on the time and type of boat. You should contact in advance to avoid high prices.

3. Beauty of Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son cave located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, is the fairy scene on the ground that the creator has given. To reach the cave, visitors will have to go through a bumpy road with 100 steps, feeling like climbing to the sky gate to the wonderful fairy land.

Thien Canh Son Cave is referred as the big theater of creativity in the middle of the sea with a system of rock stalactites surrounding. Entering the cave, visitors are surprised, overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty, beautiful and huge blocks of stalactites. The whole dome is covered with thousands of stalactites sparkling like the eternal light hanging from nature.

The entrance is made up of stone statues as dragons and great lotus flowers that creates the wonderland of paradise. The stalactites are thousands of years old with a myriad of unique and impressive shapes that make visitors not take their eyes off.

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Exit the cave, visitors will be overwhelmed by the beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay from above view. From the top of the cave, visitors will be able to admire the whole unspoiled natural landscape on a large island.

Under Thien Canh Son cave, there is a pristine beach, with fine white sand stretching endlessly. After visiting the cave visitors can bathe or go kayaking to explore the surrounding nature.

The vegetation at the foot of the cave is extremely diverse, rich, clinging to the massive limestone blocks that is suitable for those who love to explore the vegetation system.

In the vast space of Thien Canh Son cave, many restaurants are built according to unique architecture. Guests can order, eat in the cave with family, friends and relatives. Certainly it will bring visitors moments of peace, romance, novelty that no place has.

Thien Canh Son is one of the few caves with mysterious and strange beauty in the area of Halong Bay. Coming to this place, visitors will have a wonderful, impressive and unforgettable experience in the journey to explore the land of heritage.

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