Quan Lan – The best choice for your summer trip


If you are looking for a pristine beach for your holiday, choose Quan Lan Island, where there is beautiful Minh Chau beach. There are two trips a day to the island and just over a dozen minutes you are in the middle of the sea waves.

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From Van Don port to Quan Lan island, it takes more than an hour. Every day there are two trips to the island and back to the mainland at 7.00 am and 2.00 pm. The way to this far sea has been much more convenient than before. This is a new island exploring tourism from a few years with quite a lot of quality holiday hotels and especially it is still wild.


From Hanoi, you can choose high quality cars straight to Van Don at Luong Yen or My Dinh bus station. Every hour there is a car departure and service until 5.30 pm every day. It is also possible to depart late after work by taking car to Bai Chay bridge, then transfer to Mong Cai to visit Cua Ong before going to the island.

Quan Lan via Halong bay hotels

Everyday there are two high speed boats to go to the island and back to the mainland at 7.00 am and 2.00 pm with the ticket of over 100,000 VND per person. In addition, there are the fleets to the island at the fixed time: departure at 7.00 am, 8.00 am, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm and back at 7.00 am, 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm. Motorbike rental on the island costs from 120,000 to 150,000 VND / car / day.

If you go with a larger group (8 – 10 people), tuktuk is a relatively comfortable means. At the price of 450,000 VND / car according to the program (take – welcome port, visit Quan Lan beach and other beaches).


Quan Lan beach is the nearest place to the port and the market. The next ones are Son Hao and Minh Chau beaches. Among those, the quietest area is ​​Minh Chau far from the other beaches. The beach is very soft, flat with the hard ground. However, due to its position in the wind direction, Minh Chau sometimes becomes place for waste from the sea.

Son Hao Beach has a long sand beach but near the creek so the waves are only suitable for tourists who love the strong feeling and Minh Chau beach brings the feeling of calm with small waves rippling along the wind. Quan Lan beach is crescent-shaped stretching, surrounded by casuarina trees alternating old pine trees.

The sea is dazzling, gentle, quiet and poetic, but sometimes the sea is also intense. The sea is a friend of the traveler every sunset or evening, what is more interesting when you can stand in front of the sea and escape the worries of daily life, to get insights into the world of soul.

Quan Lan festival via Vietnam Tourism

There is Quan Lan temple built from the 18th century, still retains almost intact, the lines are carved elaborately. Next to the temple is Quan Lan Pagoda (Linh Quang tu) worshiping Buddha and Lieu Hanh god. In the pagoda, there is a statue of Mrs. Hau, a local resident who contributed much to the construction of the pagoda. The statue is an old Vietnamese lady creating the unique features of the temple. Beside Quan Lan Pagoda, Duc Ong Pagoda worshiped Pham Cong Chinh, a local villager who participated in the historic Van Don battle against the Nguyen and was worshiped as the deity.

Quan Lan temple festival takes place from 10th – 20th June in lunar calendar (June 18th – Main event).

Minh Chau Port is located 2 km away from Minh Chau Beach, where many fishing boats anchor, has a wide view of the bay and is the most beautiful sunrise view on the island.


There are 4 choices of accommodation in Quan Lan: motels, hotels, stilt houses and resorts. If you think on a remote island, the hotels in Quan Lan will not be full of amenities and good service, it is a mistake. The hotels have not only good service, clean rooms, staff enthusiasm fun but price will be very soft. Ngan Ha is the first standard hotel in Quan Lan with enthusiastic and friendly service. Minh Chau Beach is the first resort located close to the beach with full services: restaurant, cafe, bicycle rental … Room rates range from 550,000 to 1,500,000 VND depending on room type and time point.

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