Quang Ninh – Bright spot in investment


With the advantage of the world natural wonder Halong Bay, the strong potential for economic development and the characteristics of tourism and mining, Quang Ninh today is gradually turning up to become a bright spot for investment attraction in the North and the focus is real estate.

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The bright spot of real estate investment through tourism

Considered the most attractive tourist destination in the North Vietnam, the World Natural Wonder – Halong Bay has brought a great revenue source to the province with the statistics in 2016 of more than 8 million visitors. Besides, the infrastructure system is invested to repair, upgrade and build such as the Hanoi – Quang Ninh expressway; Bach Dang bridge; Van Don international airport … When these routes are put into operation, the travel time from Hanoi to Halong will be shortened.

Thus, among hundreds of projects worth billions of dollars in Quang Ninh from early 2013 to now, Halong city has accounted for half of the capital. At present, the wave of investment in real estate and tourism into Halong Bay becomes stronger than ever, becoming the most vibrant real estate market in the North.

Halong Bay via Vietnam Air Port

The choice of investment in resorts, especially condominiums, is also attracted by investors due to their liquidity and easy transfer. Besides, there is potential for better prices, attractive earning opportunities. Owners are also granted a red book for a long time, so they can use the land as a rental unit when not in the duration of their stay or as a cumulative asset.

The perfect choice for your vacation

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of urban life, many people dream of finding a place where they can get rid of their worries, to enjoy themselves in nature, to enjoy a peaceful life. The trend of Holiday Home, also known as second home, has been sought and chosen by many investors. Holiday Home is a tourism trend of living close to the local tradition but in a private space of the modern apartment.

Fully integrated elements of a holiday home, The Sapphire Residence Halong from the DOJILAND investors of the DOJI Gold & Gems Group is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a vacation home, the second home where you live in a 5-star environment that does not depend on the strict regulations of the operating unit and you are free to use prior to the needs of yourself, your family and friends.

The Sapphire Residence Halong is located at No.1 Ben Doan Street, Hong Gai Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province. This is a beautiful tourist destination and from here, you can fully view the entire Halong Bay. It does not take a long time to travel, from the project location within a few kilometers, you are able to go golfing at the gorgeous golf course overlooking the bay, experience the upscale lifestyle at the international marina, take the children to have fun at the Sunworld amusement park, Queen cable car, or health care at Vinmec International Hospital, …

The Sapphire Residence Halong via thesapphireresidences.com

The Sapphire Residence Halong is not only dedicated to personal space but also meets the needs of high-level relaxation of the whole family. Offering a spacious living space with landscaped gardens, tropical gardens, reading areas and five-star facilities such as indoor four-season pool, outdoor pool, cigar lounge and wine bar, modern gymnasium, … in line with the needs of living and relaxation for the owners.

Here, residents can choose to walk or cycle on the campus with green trees, read books at the library; take a stroll around the beautiful coastal road, go shopping in the shophouse neighborhood next door or beautify in the spa. The children are happy to play in the play area of ​​the building. On weekends or holidays, the whole family can gather together at the cafe or attend outdoor BBQ parties.

The Sapphire Residence Halong is a perfect choice for those who are looking to invest in a second home – a dreaming holiday home. This is also an important point to attract investors to invest in real estate market in Halong in the second half of 2017.

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