Essence of the North 9 days
Essence of the North 9 days

Hon Gai restaurant

Hon Gai restaurant
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Hon Gai restaurant was built on an area of 900 m2 with a modern design, accented with luxurious architecture: the deviation ellipses house, rectangle- framed house, bonsai, glass painting of lotus ponds and ceramic fences. Armed with laid-back ambiance, surround of green trees and bonsai in a perfect harmony, Hon Gai restaurant gives a sense of nature. The building design is an extraordinary combination of colors, light, nature and the unique architecture with contemporary ideas concept.

Enjoy great food Enjoy great food

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Enjoy delicious food

Besides beer Hanoi, restaurant offers well-round Czech beers with many famous flavor that may not know yet. For drink lovers, Hon Gai Ba Kich wine is a specialty that you can’t miss to fail. Once you try this wine, you might want to buy it as a gift for family and friends. It's interesting to create your prime moment at Hon Gai restaurant so that you can not only savor tasty food but also delve culture and make friend with indigenous people.

Hon Gai restaurant Hon Gai restaurant

Food Made By Professional chefs

Our team of chefs at the restaurant is not only good at making Vietnamese food but also knowledgeable of Vietnamese palate. Hon Gai restaurant conquer the most fastidious guests by delicious taste and variety of dishes from from Asian dishes to European dishes. All staffs always are well-trained and always keep smiles on their faces, with enthusiastic attitude and following a slogan: "the customer satisfaction is our happiness."