Squid fishing in Halong Bay


Visiting Halong Bay, you will not only have the chance to watch the beautiful and epic scenes, but also experience the interesting things; especially, visitors will be impressed with the night squid fishing in Halong Bay – an attractive activity bringing many exciting experiences.

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Fishing is not so strange to almost people, you just need a bamboo fishing rod and some bait. However, squid fishing is another great experience many people do not want to miss when coming to Halong Bay.

Squid fishing in Halong Bay is a very interesting experience. You can both fish the squids and relax to watch the sparkling and fanciful Halong Bay. Moreover, you can also enjoy your own achievements right on the sea. This fantastic feeling is very difficult to compare with others.

Squid fishing is an interesting activity in Halong Bay

Squids are considered as one of the specialties of the Northeast Vietnam. The squid is very fresh and delicious, people have skillfully processed squids into many famous foods like grilled chopped squid, steamed squid or pre-process for visitors to bring home as presents like one-sun squid, dried squid, etc.

Squid fishing is originally a career of the fishermen here to earn more money; simultaneously, it is also an interesting pleasure of the visitors coming here to explore Halong Bay. The most ideal time to enjoy this fantastic pleasure is in winter. Because when the temperature goes down, it’s cold, the flocks of squids will come here more. The tool used to fish is quite simple, just a fishing rod, a fishing line and a clustered hook with the eradiation.

Clustered hook

In the past, to have to experience of night squid fishing, people must be very hard-working and spend much money. However, night squid fishing now becomes a services with a private tour and you can easily make it in every day (if the weather is good for squid fishing). The squid fishing season is usually from April to July. This is the time that squids go near the coast to reproduce. Only with the budget from 300 thousand VND to 500 thousand VND per person, you can have a 6-hour journey of night squid fishing on the sea of Halong Bay. You can both watch the scenes of Halong Bay and experience the feeling of fishing the squids hunting in the sea at night, you can also eat many fresh, crispy and sweet squids on the sea.

It is very easy to fish the squid and everyone can do that. You just need to drop a hook in the water, the squid will misunderstand that it is the prey, they will use their antenna to cling to the hook, then they will be stuck and cannot escape. When the squid is stuck in the hook, you will feel a little weight in the fishing line, then you can slowly pull it up. Each time you successfully fish a big squid, you can have the happy feeling.

Each time you successfully fish a big squid, you can have the happy feeling

Enjoying fishing squids on the boat

After fishing, you can process the squids into many favorite foods right on the boat, eating baked squids on the charcoal with the cold beer is so amazing, there are nothing more interesting. This is the most attractive specialty everyone wants to bring home for family and friends.

You can process the squids into many favorite foods right on the boat

Squid fishing in Halong is so interesting. The visitors will both have the chance to fish squids and watch the marvelous Halong Bay at night, and the greatest experience is that they can enjoy the fresh squids fished by them on the sea.

A little patience and luck will help visitors to get the big squids. However, many visitors share that beside the squid fishing, the experience of sitting on the banisters of the boat and watching the mystery bay at night, talking and laughing to dispel the silence of Halong Bay is also an interesting experience in the Halong tour.

Try visiting Halong Bay, fishing the squids in summer on the sea of this beautiful bay to remove the busy feeling and stress of your life, escape from the hot weather of summer and keep the best memories.