Titov beach – The half moon in the sea


Named one of the seven natural wonders of the new world, Halong Bay is the pride of our country. To contribute to the beauty of that wonderful bay, Titov Beach is a harmonious combination of clouds and water, bringing a unique masterpiece landscape, fascinating with any soul to visit. To Titov, visitors not only play in the blue sea and white sand, but also drop the soul with the wonderful space of creativity on the top of Titov Mountain, where you find yourself floating like a little moon.

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Titov Beach is located in Halong Bay, about 8 kilometers southeast of the Bai Chay Tourist Pier. In the past, the island was called Nghia Dia or the graveyard. This name came from a French cargo ship entering Halong Bay area in 1905. The ship was stabbed into the reef because of no navigator to format the way. All of the sailors on board were died and taken to burial at the island. From there, the name Nghia Dia was born as a memory of the unlucky people.

In 1962, Uncle Ho had the opportunity to travel with the Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov to visit the island. Since he did not know the name of the island, Uncle Ho asked people to get the name Titov for the island as a friendship between the two countries Vietnam and the Soviet Union. And of course, everyone praised Uncle Ho’s decision. So the name Titov as such exists to this day.

In 1997, Gherman Titov returned to this place and emotionally expressed his feelings in the memoirs of the management board of Halong Bay: “Thank fate for giving me the opportunity to return to this small island”.

Titov beach from high view via Daniel Austin


Looking from the top of the island, Titov Beach is shaped like a half moon gently embracing the entire island in the immense sea. Pure white sand shore of Titov island is not very large, but the tide water is often up and down and washes the beach so it brings a pristine beauty but brilliant.

Surrounded by rocky mountains and green forests covering the coastline, one side is mountain color, one side is the carpet of the ocean, Titov beach brings in the harmony of the creative hand from nature.

Titov Beach with the blue clean water in four seasons of the year with airy space is the main attraction for visitors to enjoy the holiday that is the most comfortable. Tourists can indulge in sea bathing and take part in sea sports such as: swimming, beach volleyball, parachuting, motor surfing, or gently sailing to the islands around the bay.

Those who love to explore will not be able to skip the climb to conquer Titov Mount to enjoy all the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay from above. From the roof of the temple in the mountain peak looking down on Titov Beach, visitors will feel like a little moon glowing at the feet.

Best time to visit

Halong Bay in particular and the North area generally suffer most of the typhoon and storms in the mid-June to July. Therefore, want to travel Titov beach, visitors should avoid this time period, either can watch the weather forecast in advance or take a tour from the travel company to have a full trip.

Titov island via HaLongStyle 

Travel experience

If the dawn appears with the warm sparkling sunshine gently warming up the entire space of Titov beach, the scene of the night soaking down is also special. In the wind of the mighty forest, the sound of the waves is stronger than in the daytime, creating a harmonious song in the deserted oasis. Tourists can choose a tent on the beach or boat to the blue water to enjoy the full flavor of a memorable night in Titov island.

In order to better serve the entertainment needs of tourists, Titov Beach has built guest houses with services such as: bar, swimming suite rental, life jacket, umbrella, etc. There is also a souvenir shop for souvenirs and gifts.

Coming to the sea, visitors will not miss the opportunity to taste great flavor of fresh seafood at the beach: crabs, mantis shrimps, geoduck, fish, squid, … What is more interesting in the sun, the wind with the view of romantic scenery and enjoy the delicious specialties on Titov beach.

The romantic island of Titov is charming with beautiful beaches harmoniously is an exciting destination, bringing the unforgettable experience in the heart of visitors. The combination of the beautiful clouds and the majestic sound of the mountains and the lush rays of the sea has helped Titov create the highlight and seal the hearts of every visitor to Halong Bay.

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