Top 5 foods to enjoy in Halong



Quang Ninh is not only famous for the Halong Bay scenery, but it also attracts many visitors with its huge number of great seafood dishes. Traveling Halong is not just about sightseeing and enjoying the scenery, but it also contains the chance to discover the food. Here are the dishes you should not miss when you have the opportunity to get to the coastal Halong city.

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“Bún và bánh đa hải sản” – Seafood rice vermicelli and brown noodles

Seafood rice vermicelli and brown

Recently, the dishes of seafood rice vermicelli are quite popular in many Hanoi restaurants. However, when you enjoy them in Halong, you will feel completely different. Seafood rice vermicelli and brown noodles in Halong are well-suited for breakfast. A full bowl of seafood rice vermicelli or brown noodle will be about 40,000 VND, it will have shrimp, crab meat (or tickled), mantis shrimp, fish balls and fresh-vegetable (or water dropwort). Seafood rice vermicelli and brown noodles eaten with raw vegetables are the harmonies between the sweetness of water with the cool taste of raw vegetables. Come to Halong, you can easily find seafood stalls. Some famous addresses of fresh and delicious seafood rice vermicelli that you can refer to are Hai Van restaurant at the beginning of the road into the Dong Bac company, seafood rice vermicelli restaurants at the Cau Trang – Ha Tu, etc.

“Sam” – Horseshoe crab

Horseshoe crab

In the past, people rarely eat the horseshoe crab, but gradually it becomes special food in Halong. Not every sea areas has this horseshoe crab. When processing the horeshoe crab, fishermen always have to kill a pair of male and female one, because it is thought that if there are only one killed, it is susceptible for them to be allergies, cold stomach.

Horeshoe crab is cooked into quite a lot of dishes with very strange and delicious taste, such as sweet and sour stir-frying, fried horseshoe crab eggs, etc. However, horseshoe crab is a kind of seafood with the “cold”, so if you have a “prehistory” of being allergies or cold stomach with seafood, do not eat or eat very little. The most famous horseshoe crab restaurant in Ha Long nowadays is Sam Ba Ty in Lane 6, Cao Thang street. In the afternoon, at the snack market of Halong 1, there is also a row of sweet and sour horseshoe crab claw, horseshoe crab sausages, etc. Another famous address is Quang Yen horseshoe crab restaurant, located on the road from Ha Long to Hanoi. Horseshoe crabs are now quite expensive; an average dish is about 150,000 VND.

“Cháo trai” – Oyster porridge

Oyster porridge

Oyster porridge is a very popular snack food; the oyster porridge in Ha Long is the powder porridge cooked with sea oyster, so it will taste quite different from the oyster porridge in Hanoi, that oysters live in the river. Oyster porridge was eaten with green onion, Chinese parky, dried onions. The address of delicious oyster porridge that you should visit is Halong 1 Market. From the street, coming from the Vietcombank building, it is the first stall on the left. This stall also sell quite delicious patisserie (pillow cake). In the Halong 2 market, the snack area also has a very good taste stall of oyster porridge, which has been selling for a long time. The price of each bowl with cruller is about 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

“Ốc xào” – Stir-fried snails

Stir-fried snails

Certainly when coming to Halong, you cannot miss the snail dish. Stir-fried snails is a snack that is very popular with local people; its price is low, only about 35,000 VND per dish depending on types. When you want to eat stir-fried snails, you should find the sidewalk, there will be the comfortable and delicious feelings with the processing of rural people. Snails fried with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut … are very delicious and easy to be addicted. In Ha Long there are also many types of snails for you to choose, most commonly snails are “ốc điếu”, “ốc mút”, “ốc bươu”, etc.

You can refer to the addresses: the snail stalls next to the old Quang Ninh Museum (on Nguyen Van Cu street); in this alley, there are two restaurants with many customers and good quality, they mainly sell to students, so the prices are relatively cheap. The snail stall on the sidewalk of Van Lang street, this snail stall is delicious but the price is slightly higher than others.

“Bánh cuốn chả mực” – Steam rice pancakes with squid sausages

Steam rice pancakes with squid sausages

Steam rice pancakes may appear everywhere, but with the squid sausages may be only here. The deliciousness of this dish depends a lot on the fresh squid sausages; when biting in, there is the feelings of crunchy crunch of the fresh squids. Next is the sauce, mixed with the sour taste of lemon and spicy taste of chili pepper. The steam rice pancakes with squid sausage are best when it is eaten right after it is finished and remains the heat, then it is sprinkled some little dried onions. The stall of steam rice pancakes considered as the pioneer in Ha Long is Ngan stall next to Bach Dang theater. The prices fluctuate around 40,000 VND/dish.

The cuisine in Halong is really diversified, there are many other delicious foods which are not listed. If you come to visit Halong, do not miss the chance to enjoy the dishes of this area.