Top best resorts in Lan Ha Bay


Lan Ha Bay is the pristine beauty of Cat Ba with attractive and very interesting charm in the heart of tourists. Lan Ha Bay is still intact natural scene with poetic and wild beauty. Coming to Lan Ha Bay, visitors not only enjoy a fresh and cool atmosphere, but also experience moments of great enjoyment with luxury modern beauty and closeness to the nature of the resorts on Lan Ha Bay. Let us explore this delicate beauty!

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Useful information:

  • Should go to Lan Ha Bay from April to July
  • Take a boat to Lan Ha Bay about 100,000 VND
  • Hire boats of local people with price of about 50,000 VND
  • Resorts in Lan Ha Bay have an average price of  700,000 to 1,000,000 VND
  • Reservations should be made in advance
  • Should follow the tour
  • Need to bring: sunscreen, hat, umbrella ….

1. Monkey Island Resort

Address: Cat Dua 2 Beach (Monkey Island), Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong.

Contact: 0316299888

Monkey Island Resort is one of the most popular and chosen resorts in Lan Ha Bay. This place has great natural beauty that is close to nature, sea, island so it particularly attracts many tourists. Coming to this high-end resort, visitors enjoy the moments of dropping off with the white sand, blue sea, with cool breezes blowing from the sea.

Monkey Island Resort via Resorts in Vietnam

With a 3-star standard, the resort has 29 rooms, all are fully equipped with modern amenities and luxurious facilities to give you the most comfortable and wonderful moments on Lan Ha Bay. The resort is designed in the style of traditional huts, with a mixture of traditional and modern features creating a special impression for tourists. Here, you can also enjoy the delicious European – Asian food at the restaurant of the resort in airy space and beautiful layout. In addition, to Monkey Island Resort, guests also enjoy moments of relaxation with sea sports such as Kayaking, you can free use the resort’s kayak when visiting Lan Ha Bay of Cat Ba.

2. Le Pont Bungalow

This is one of the unique and new form of relaxation on the Lan Ha Bay that many tourists enjoy and prioritize as the top choice. The beautiful small straw houses with a new delicate decoration next to the shores and whispering waves always bring the curiosity and desire to explore of tourists when visiting Lan Ha Bay.

Outside is the beauty of nature, simple and peaceful, but inside each house, the luxurious, modern equipment is installed from the decoration of tables and chairs to the dining table, bedroom. Guests will feel comfortable, convenient in each moment of enjoyment here. In addition, coming to Le Pont, guests are also entertained by a vibrant and attractive DJ bar located right in the bay cape and especially with a free shuttle bus from the guesthouse to bar, very convenient for travelers on the move. There is also a tour service around Lan Ha Bay for about 300,000 to 400,000 VND; climbing service in Cat Ba national park for about 400,000 VND.

Guests can refer to Le Pont at: Ngoc Mountain, Cat Ba, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong. Phone: (84-31) 3 888 353.

3. Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

Address: Cat Co 1, Cat Ba Island.

Contact: (84.31) 368 8686

Fax: (84.31) 368 8989.

Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa via

This is a 4 star international standard resort with a harmonious combination of eastern traditional style with modern Western style, which is a sophisticated intercourse in French architecture with Vietnam. Certainly the resort will give visitors unforgettable impression and memorable moments of enjoyment.

With all 165 rooms designed primarily by wood to create elegance and warmth, Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa promises to give guests an unforgettable experience on every trip to visit Lan Ha Bay. Come to this luxury resort, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in exciting entertainment such as luxury spa services, enjoy the dishes of Asia – Europe cuisine with a variety of liquors. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the exciting life here!

4. Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

This is one of the most popular resorts on Lan Ha Bay with excellent service and great view of the sea. These are moments of enjoyment for the best holiday of travelers with a modern lifestyle of 4-star standards, giving visitors a unique sense of relaxation.

The resort is equipped with modern and luxury facilities; clean, airy space with a friendly and enthusiastic staff. The rooms are beautifully decorated to impress visitors at the first sight.

Address: Cat Co 3, Cat Ba, Cat Hai, Hai Phong.

Contact: (84-31) 3 887 360

Lan Ha Bay is a land of new things and still contains many beautiful essences that people have not discovered all. Coming to Lan Ha Bay, watching the beauty of nature, enjoying the modern life in the high-class resorts right next to the beautiful beach will certainly be a happy life for visitors. Let feel these exciting moments with us!

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