Top can-not-miss attractions in Quang Ninh


Quang Ninh is a coastal area in the Northeast of Vietnam. It is a province of economic and cultural development, especially the smoke-free industry – tourism. To Quang Ninh you not only visit the natural landscapes, historical sites, festivals … but also enjoy the delicious food elaborately processed from fresh seafood.

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1. Halong Bay

It is no coincidence that we put the information on Halong Bay to the top. Because this place is a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO as a cultural wonder of mankind. With more than 2000 large and small islands and the total area of ​​1553 km2, Halong Bay deserves to be considered as the world natural wonder and shimmering and spectacular caves such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Luon Cave, … all create the harmony here.

When traveling to Quang Ninh you can go by coach from Hanoi, or train, or plane to Hai Phong airport and drive to Halong. The price of the tour outside the bay when you hire the boat is about 1,200,000 – 1,500,000 VND / ship, you can join the group tour at the price of 250,000 VND / person.

Come to Halong Bay to feel the beauty of this place and immerse yourself in nature!

2. Bai Chay

Bai Chay Tourist Area is not far from Halong Bay; this is Quang Ninh’s leading leisure area with modern Sun Wheel, 215 m above sea level. The price is 300.000 VND / adult, 200.000 VND / child under 1 m high and free with children under 1 m. Bai Chay is a man-made beach that is beautiful and famous for its clean, fresh water. The length of the beach is about 500 m, more than 100 m wide, this place is the choice of tourists when visiting Quang Ninh.

Bai Chay via Bao Quang Ninh

Bai Chay also has the most famous and modern cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam that is Bai Chay bridge. The name Bai Chay is a legendary history of our nation. Come here you will hear about the very interesting and attractive story. Bai Chay also has many hotels, restaurants to serve visitors anytime, anywhere, room rates here are from VND 200,000 / room / night.

Come to Bai Chay and feel the bustling atmosphere of the bathing season together with the famous dishes of the sea.

3. Yen Tu Relic Site

Leave the busy and crowded sea on the summer, you should go to Yen Tu in the spring, this is the festival season on the mountain Yen Tu. Yen Tu was named the “land of Vietnamese Buddhism“, with a height of 6000 m to reach the top of Yen Tu mountain on the steps of walking. Here visitors can enjoy the sight and feel more serene.

However, this place has been built cable car system and was put into use in 2008 to serve tourists. Round trip ticket for visitors coming here is 280,000 VND / person, one way ticket is 120,000 VND / person.

Come here and relax your spirit and ask for peace, health for your family at the pagoda on Yen Tu mountain. Yen Tu is associated with the historical events King Tran Nhan Tong left the throne to come here and from there it became the center of Buddhism in Vietnam.

4. Tuan Chau Island

About 2 km far from Halong city to the southwest, this island with an area of ​​about 400 hectares is blessed from nature a lot of beautiful scenery. Tuan Chau has a sandy beach about 2 km long, clear sea water and light clouds. It will definitely make visitors feel exciting when coming here.

Arriving Tuan Chau in the summer is the most suitable because when you come, you immerse in the water of the sea, drifting away the fatigue, stress of the hot work days. Besides, there is also a system of over 50 comfortable and luxurious hotels and luxury restaurants in Quang Ninh.

Tuan Chau via Du lich

Tuan Chau International Recreation Area is an unforgettable place to visit, where there are interesting games such as dolphin performances or water music (VND 100,000 / adult, VND 60,000 / child). Tickets to Tuan Chau area is 200,000 VND / person, open from 8:00 to 22:00 daily.

5. Ba Vang Pagoda (Uong Bi City)

Quang Ninh is not only beautiful by nature but also beautiful by spiritual monuments such as Dong Pagoda in Yen Tu, Cai Bau Pagoda, Cua Ong Temple … and especially Ba Vang Pagoda in Uong Bi City. The pagoda is located on a land of 1000 m2. The pagoda has the largest main worshiping house in Vietnam, where there are many Buddhists and always have visitors to visit and worship, pray for peace and health of family members and relatives.

Ba Vang Pagoda in Truc Lam Yen Tu, located in the West of Uong Bi City, is a place of spiritual worship of people, with stately Buddhist statues as a beautiful watercolor painting. Here you can park car for free and visit the pagoda as well as the place to drink water and rest. Tourists should pay attention when coming, they should dress in accordance with these spiritual places!

6. Co To Island

In addition to the caves or Halong Bay, Co To Island is an ideal place for visitors. Guest houses are also very cheap, the price is from 200,000 – 300,000 VND / room for 4 people.

The attractions are Co To Lighthouse, this is the “night eye” of Quang Ninh, the lighthouse was built in the late nineteenth century. Or you can come to Cau My rock reef, this is a paradise formed by the rocks and water, here you will see the colorful stone slabs in the summer sun.

You can go to pristine rustic beaches, but very beautiful. You will be fascinated by the beauty of Hong Van beach, Van Chai beach or Love Road that is full of plants and green leaves.

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