Top foods for young tourists in Halong


A series of unique dishes which are very hot in the youth are now “imported” into Halong city. This made the tourists and young people feel very excited. In this article, we supply you the dishes and places to enjoy them in Halong. This list below is some of those unique dishes everyone should not miss, especially young people.

>> Grilled salt and pepper prawns

Spicy noodles – “Mỳ cay”

Spicy noodles

The 7-level spicy noodles were inspired by Korean seafood noodles and easily became the new trend of eating and drinking among young people. Spicy noodles are cooked quite simply with noodles, broth, kimchi, beef and seafood such as shrimp, squid, fish … Spicy noodles are 7 levels from low to high, level 0 to level 7 (each level is added with a spoon of chili pepper). In addition to the curious enjoyment, many young people use this dish to challenge another’s ability to eat the spicy dishes.

The price of a bowl is averagely from 40 to 50 thousand VND for spicy seafood noodles, beef spicy noodles, spicy fish noodles, octopus spicy noodles … Currently in Halong, many restaurants “updated” this dish into the menu. The address you should consider is 7-level Spicy Noodles Restaurant on Nguyen Van Cu Street or some in Gieng Don area (Hon Gai Ward).

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Grilled breads with chili salts – “Bánh mỳ nướng muối ớt”

Grilled breads with chili salts

The trend of grilled breads with chili salts began to rise in Saigon in mid-2016 and there is no sign of cooling down. This unique snack food is cooked with the main ingredients: breads, chili salts, sauces, onions and broccoli. Grilled breads with chili salts has the aromatic attraction, the cheap price, so this dish is popular, especially to the young.

At present, the trend of grilled breads with chili salts has poured over the provinces from South to North; and in Halong, this dish is also a “hot” food. To enjoy this delicious snack, you can go to the bakery near the Cuu Hoa 3-way crossroad; with 20 thousand VND, you can have a delicious grilled bread with chili salts.

Egg-shaped cake – “Bánh trứng gà non”

Egg-shaped cake

Although this cakes are not hot like spicy noodles or grilled breads with chili salts, egg-shaped cakes are also famous for its taste – the taste from the mixture of eggs and milk. The cake may look quite simple, but when you try some, you will feel the soft foam inside, in addition to crispy and delicious.

In addition to the traditional kind, the cakes also has many other kinds, such as: chocolate, grapes, cheese and green tea … To enjoy this cake in Ha Long, you can go to Van Lang Street with the affordable prices from 15 – 20 thousand / something.

Bucket milk tea – “Trà sữa xô”

Bucket milk tea

The familiar milk tea is now transformed into a “hot pot”, it is a mixture of dozens of colorful fruit jelly, pearl, cheese, caramel,… and packed into a small kute bucket. Drinkers can “mix” anything they like into their milk tea buckets. This “big size” milk tea is loved by a lot of young people.

Although this drink is a hot dish in the cuisine of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for a while, bucket milk tea is quite new for young people in Halong. To enjoy this delicious and unique milk tea, you can go to the small milk tea shop at 25/4 street (in Bach Dang ward) with the price from 40-50 thousand VND for different bucket for 2-3 people drink.

Fried chicken with cheese – “Gà xào phô mai”

Fried chicken with cheese

Fried chicken with cheese is a dish originated in Korea, this food has become a trend to young people because this is the dish with the taste of chili and the fragrance from cheese, which is very suitable for cold winter days.

The materials to make this attractive dish are mainly non-bone chicken, cabbage, sweet potato, rice cakes, onions … After putting all the ingredients in the cast iron pan, the cook must turn over it in a few minutes and sprinkle the sauce over it; then, mix all the ingredients until the chicken is tender. The final stage is adding extra fatty cheese to increase the attractiveness of this dish.

The chicken pieces are soft, the fat and delicious cheese on top will certainly make you can not resist. To enjoy this tasty fried chicken with cheese in Halong, you can go to Korean food in the Gieng Don area with the price of 300-400 thousand VND for 2-4 people.

Halong cuisine is really diversifying, especially food and drink for young people. There are many other delicious foods which are not listed. If you come to visit Halong Bay, do not miss the chance to enjoy the dishes of this area.