Travel Halong Bay once in your lifetime (Part 1)


You should travel to Halong once in your life time. The landscape is created in a very natural way. Often visitors will have to spend a sum of money to travel Halong. However, tourists can take a trip to Halong with a reasonable price through Halong tourism companies. Along with points such as a boat trip around Halong Bay, climbing Bai Tho mountain, shopping at Hon Gai market, wandering Halong night market, Halong sightseeing from Bai Chay bridge, Tuan Chau tourist area, Halong travel agencies will also introduce you to the destinations, shopping spots, prices and travel notes when traveling Halong.

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When to travel Halong

Located in North Vietnam, Halong Bay has 4 clear seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Almost at any time of the year you can also travel to Halong Bay. April to October is the best period for a trip. The weather in these months is quite cool and pleasant.

Even so, you can come here in the winter months of December, January and February. The weather can be a bit cold and cloudy, with occasional rain. In the summer, there are many tourists come here to relax and visit, but sometimes in this place more people will be interesting than deserted. However, during the summer months from May to October, the temperature rises and you may experience storms during the rainy season.

Hon Gai via


Halong City is 177 km from Hanoi, with 3 to 4 hours by car. Most tourists book tours from Hanoi, including transportation to Halong Bay, as well as accommodation (on boat or in hotel), including tour guides and lunches, dinners. If you want a solo trip to Halong Bay, visitors can pick up the bus in Hanoi. From Kim Ma station on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, tourists pick up the bus of Hoang Long Express. Every 15 minutes, there will be a trip to Halong. If you need to book in advance, you can contact (04) 8452846. Also you can take the bus from Haiphong for only 75 km far from Halong Bay. Once in Halong Bay, you can rent boats or cruise ships on the bay. There is a boat running from Hon Gai to Hai Phong every day. It departs from Hon Gai at 6.30 am, 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm. Unfortunately, there are no hydrofoils running between Halong and Hai Phong. However, the price is slightly higher than that of traveling by car.

Halong travel experience

If you only travel in Halong Bay, you can go for 2 days. On the morning of the first day, you take car to Halong, you should take the early departure at around 7.00 am. At 11.30 am you turn to Bai Chay to get off the bus and pick up motorbike taxi to Bai Chay. Lunch at some restaurants near the harbor, the price is not expensive, there are menus for you to choose. In the afternoon, go to the harbor to buy tickets and ask about the ship to visit the Bay. You will buy private landscape visit ticket and boat ticket, the boat ticket will range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per person. You can ask the ticket sale staff. If you are traveling with a group or family, it is advisable to rent a private boat, at a price of 1,500,000 – 1,700,000 VND / 4 – 6 hours (in the tourist season from May to August the price may be higher).

Bai Tho Mountain via

There are 2 types of tickets to visit Halong Bay: 4 hour and 6 hour tickets. With a 4 hour ticket, you will visit the points like Thien Cung cave, Dau Go, Ga Choi islet, cruising around the bay at close distance. For 6 hour type you will go: Thien Cung cave, Ga Choi islet, Titov beach, wandering around the bay with farther distance.

If you are not tired after the bus from Hanoi, you should go to Bai Tho mountain on the afternoon of the first day, early morning of the next day to visit the Bay with 6 hour ticket. On the afternoon of the second day, take a bus back to Hanoi. Bai Tho is a mountain located on Hon Gai, near the beach and Bai Chay Bridge area. From the top of the mountain you can see the whole scene of Halong city and part of Halong Bay.

In addition, the motel near Long Tien Pagoda is also very convenient for you to visit Quan Lan. From Long Tien pagoda to port of Hon Gai, the distance is 400 m, this is a port having boats to Quan Lan island. If you can take a night at a motel in the area, in the next morning depart to Quan Lan island.

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