Travel Halong on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve


Halong Bay has long been a popular tourist destination in Vietnam and in the world because of the romantic and mysterious beauty of nature, the great harmony of water and rock in the poetic scene of clouds and sky. Come to Halong in a glorious summer day, you will feel the strange charm of the heritage in this region. What about the cold winter days? Is Halong gray and sad or is still the place for the guests who love the wonderful beauty of nature?

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Halong Bay in fanciful winter days

The weather in Halong in winter is cold, the average temperature is from 15 to 17 degrees C. Instead of the bright rays of the summer days is suddenly cold drizzle. Halong when entering the middle of winter brings the feeling of mystery and silence, the scene and everything is like calming down, making visitors want to come to explore and experience more about this land.

Watching the sunrise on Halong Bay on a cold day, with the fuzzy virtual fog, in the sound of the boat off the coast, you can see this heritage beyond the boisterous noisy days these are so peaceful and simple days. Mist in Halong is not like in other tourist attractions, it has a very unique beauty. The days of heavy mist seemed as if they could be cut into blocks. On a light day, the sparse mist mixed into the rocky limestone mountains on the bay, making people sometimes feel sad; but the most special experiences in Halong Bay are found only from such winter days.

Halong Bay cruises via Bao Moi

Experience a winter morning at the floating fishing village on the bay, morning light is serene with a little early morning fog enough to brighten up the vitality and dissipate the kitchen smoke of the fishing village, bring the cozy feeling during the cold winter day. Early in the morning, the fisherman also goes fishing, begins a new day with the joy of a son of the heritage land.

Exploring Halong Bay with thousands of small rocks, rising from the green bay, like in the fantasy world with mysteries. Each island has a shape, size and beauty, a very unique substance. Far away as the image of two chickens attached to each other forever, or like a huge censer standing between sky and earth. All have a wonderful color, harmony with space and time of the scene of Halong. Just come closer, you can feel the soul and vitality of these seemingly inanimate islands.

That is why people are looking forward to Halong winter to enjoy the special things, to experience the beauty of this place, listen to the sea breeze singing love songs or simply hold warm hands to feel the cold of the winter in the heritage land.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year on Halong Bay

The program is a combination of East and West culture with many fine art performances selected carefully as folk songs, dances with traditional Vietnamese style. The stage and banquet table are also arranged so that visitors can still feel the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year while enjoying Vietnamese culture through folk musical performances. Delicious dishes prepared by professional chef from local fresh ingredients. It is also a combination of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and international cuisine. The image of Vietnamese culture will also be promoted to international friends.

Christmas program in Halong via QTV

This special event is also an opportunity for visitors to chat, exchange with new friends from other regions and countries. These can be interesting stories, experiences in the trip. In addition, guests will be together to join the attractive games in the program to make a warm atmosphere.

Visitors to Halong in winter often choose to explore by staying on overnight cruise rather than day cruise ships. Because only overnight on the bay to feel and understand the very essence of Halong, so early in the morning to receive the dawn on the bay, the scene of thousands of rocky islands rising up, the hidden reality that makes people fall in love with this land.

It is rare to see Vietnamese visitors to Halong in winter, but it is the peak time to welcome foreign travelers. They especially love to explore the bay with kayaking, they think this is the best and most attractive thing in Halong Bay; and this heritage site is deserve to be one of the 25 most exciting kayaking destinations in the world.

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