Wine Morinda



This type of wine soaked from tubers are planted Morinda fairly common in some areas of Quang Ninh. Depending on the type of bulb is pickled white or purple Morinda that alcohol has a similar color. Compared with wines featured at many other places, is quite easy to drink wine Morinda, scented, does not cause headaches. Moreover, drinking Morinda appropriate doses also have beneficial effects for health. Visitors to Ha Long may call specialty wines at this place in any restaurant.

Morinda citrifolia, commonly known as noni, is the fruit of a tree native to Southeast Asia, where it has been consumed for 2,000 years. Distinguished by its cocoon-like shape and pungent odor, Morinda citrifolia is reputed to have remarkable health and medicinal benefits. Research has revealed evidence in support of some of Morinda citrifolia’s traditional uses.

Morinda citrifolia is comprised of 5.8 percent protein, 36 percent fiber and 1.2 percent fat. A 1,200-milligram serving provides 2.26 international units of vitamin A, 9.81 milligrams of vitamin C and 32 milligrams of blood pressure-lowering potassium. However, more important than Morinda citrifolia’s nutrient content is its phytonutrient content. Phytonutrients are compounds in plants that are not essential to life but that provide significant health benefits. A study published in the 2007 issue of the “International Journal of Food Properties” identified catechin and epicatechin — flavonoid antioxidants with significant health-promoting benefits, including possible cancer and heart disease prevention, according to the University of California, Davis. Activity levels of Morinda citrifolia’s flavonoids were observed to be higher than that of vitamin E or a synthetic antioxidant known as BHT.